The most creative ways to announce your pregnancy during the Holidays

The most creative ways to announce your pregnancy during the Holidays

Christmastime is a season of cheer and gratitude, so what better time to announce you have a big blessing on the way?

How did you let your loved ones know you were expecting a baby? For some, the ‘big reveal’ was spontaneous and simple. While for others, elaborate planning went into the way they announced their pregnancy.

Or maybe you're looking for a creative way to share the happy news? If you’re reading this now that the holidays are upon us, here are 10 creative ideas to make announcing your pregnancy during the holidays even more memorable!

1. Tiny Christmas stockings!

announce pregnancy

What could be more adorable than giving loved ones a box with the tiniest Christmas stockings to let them know you have a little one on the way?

2. Let your Christmas ornaments do the talking!

announce pregnancy

Switch up your traditional holiday decor for ornaments that provide hints that you are expecting the greatest gift of all in the year to come.

3. Coordinated gifts for each family member

announce pregnancy

Have customised mugs made for the soon-to-be grandma and grandpa, or have T-shirts made to let your siblings know they will be an aunt or uncle in the coming year!

You can customise anything, so there's no limit to what you can do. You can even make something for the entire extended family. Just make sure everyone unwraps their gifts at the same time, for maximum impact.

4. Send a holiday card

announce pregnancy

This is straightforward but no less touching! Let them know through your yearly holiday card that your bundle of joy is on her way! If you want to go digital, you can even make your own e-newsletter.

5. Use Secret Santa for the Big Reveal!

announce pregnancy

Want to announce your pregnancy in an unexpected and creative way? Use Secret Santa to give a gift that says you’re expecting!

6.  A photo is worth a thousand words

holiday pregnancy announcement

If you want to let everyone in your family and social circle know in one fell swoop, then have a themed photo shoot and upload the photos on Facebook or Instagram!

7.  ‘We’re having a baby’ Christmas party invitations

holiday pregnancy announcement

Let loved ones know you have another reason to celebrate by adding the announcement to holiday party invites.

8. A new calendar with a special date marked!

holiday pregnancy announcement

Gift calendars and encircle or mark your due date to make your relatives and friends look forward to the coming year.

9. Some bubbly to herald the coming of the baby!

holiday pregnancy announcement

You may be “popping bottles of the different kind” soon, but the new year won’t be any less fun.

10. Announce your pregnancy just before the camera clicks!

The most creative ways to announce your pregnancy during the Holidays

Gather your closest family for a photograph and make the announcement just before the photographer takes the shot. You’ll be able to capture the initial, candid reactions of everybody, which will truly be a priceless moment worth treasuring!

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