Help! My Kids Won't Stop Fighting!

Help! My Kids Won't Stop Fighting!

What to do when your children can't seem to get along? Here are some suggestions from parents that are in the same situation.

Sibling room sharing problems and fights

Singapore Mum needs help on getting her children to stop fighting:

How do I discipline a 3 year old boy. He likes to disturb his two elder brother and ends with fighting each other. His two brothers are 7 & 9 years old. How do I get them to stop fighting?


how to handle sibling rivalry

Replies on how to get children to stop fighting:

Sharon Tan:
poor boy needs company to play with him…get him to do his things on his own, tell him he needs to learn to play on his own…or u can occupy him with games or assessments watever his interest is..ensure it is educational too.

Juraidah Osman:
Aiyah. Same like my 3yo. Cannot play nicely wif the younger bro. And often bites/scratches the younger bro. . Im keen to know if any1 also could give us suggestions. Or mayb 3yo behave tis manner? Lol 🙂

Mary.m Shysta:
He’s just being a typical 3 year old. Have u tried encouraging the older siblings to have more patience with him. Tell them they shd set gd examples and the older their youngest bro gets, the better he will understand, the better his behaviour will be. My friend has boys too, 8 yr old twins and a 3 yr old. They get along well.

Shirley Soh Sally:
time out, tell him wat he has done wrong, then kp him occupied…then arrange activities that all 3 can play together like swimming,

Yvonne Ho:
kid at tis age r all d same,no matter wat kind of ways i tried to teach my gal,she nv listen when im trying to tell her nicely but still in vain..she nv listen to me at all…

Josephine Lee:
Need advice here too, my 2yo gal always beat n sometimes scratch people when she is angry no matter who n she will beat her 2 elder siblings when she see them.

Sioyan Ng:
whoa, my son classmate also the youngest among the sibling. He could not control his anger, he use a metal container hit my son forehead due to my son don’t want to play with him…For my two kids start fighting I will let them have a match and will sit and watch, then punishment will come later no matter who have started it… so they will try not to do it again….

Kelly Kc:
The way I see it, your 3 year-old wants attention but may be using the wrong way to get attention, and in the process ends up in disagreement with your 2 elder children. Why not talk to him? Reward him for good behaviour. Tell him what is allowed, what is not allowed. You’d have to remember that it is just NOT FAIR to give a time-out without telling your son about the boundaries. Just like how an adult feels it’s unfair he had a fine when he’s not informed of the law. Good luck!

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Felicia Chin

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