Heartwarming photo of stranger comforting baby gives us all hope

Heartwarming photo of stranger comforting baby gives us all hope

Here's how that heartwarming photo became so viral.

There is a photo that’s being shared  a fair bit these days, and it’s one of the most heart touching humanity images we’ve seen for some time. It shows an older man rocking a baby. Next to him is the baby’s mum. Both people are waiting to be called in a doctor’s office. Here’s exactly what happened – and the story behind the image will bring tears to your eyes

Heart touching humanity images: Stranger soothes mum’s baby so she can fill paperwork

Apparently, a few weeks ago, sources made public who exactly took the photo: Natasha Crittenden Wilson, a mum of seven children.

Interestingly, she didn’t know the people in the photo. Here’s how the heartwarming scene unfolded.

Natasha was patiently waiting for her doctor to call her. A woman, with her baby fast asleep, walked in. Clinic staff gave her some paperwork — but the mum was struggling to hold her baby and write at the same time. 

Then, a male from the room’s opposite end offered to carry her baby for her as she filled in the papers.  The woman happily agreed. Touchingly, the man cuddled and soothed her baby as if the little one were his!

Take a look at the actual Facebook post by Natasha below:

Scene mum-of-seven has “never witnessed” gives hope

Following the viral post, Wilson appeared on local news, where she commented that the man took the woman’s baby, “and sat and hummed to him and rocked him until he was called back to his room”. She continues to say that the whole scene was something she “had never witnessed in my life.”

The take-away, however, came from the fact that both people were of different races. Her post on Facebook and local news emphasised that a Caucasian man helping a woman of colour gave her “hope.”

Jade West, the mum in the photo, and Joe Hale, the man who rocked her baby, however, aren’t revealing much more in interviews.

Perhaps that’s for the better. Rather, the fact that instances of affection can happen among strangers anytime, any day, is a sign that despite how tough life is, some days are worth living for.

Being kind to others should become a way of life

heart touching humanity images

Heart touching humanity images: when people of different race help one another, or even create a happy family! | Image Source: Stock Photo

Honestly speaking, life has its challenges no matter how old or young you are. The problems stack on incrementally as one grows older, but just because someone is of a different race doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help them.

Everyone has their own problems, their own challenges, and if we weren’t so cautious or untrustworthy of one another, the world would be a better place. 

A good place to start would be at home, at school, at institutions. By being kind to one another we can better support others. By supporting others, we can form better communities, and overall, a better society as a whole.

Every human being deserves selfless respect, kindness, and compassion, no matter what race, religion or nationality they are. Teaching that to the next generation of people to focus on our similarities — not our differences — is not only key to a better world, but solutions to problems we have yet to think are problems.

We don’t need heart touching humanity images to constantly remind us of the good people have in their hearts. Rather, it starts with us. Isn’t that right, parents?

Reference: ABC News

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