Selfless young boy lets his tired mum use his hand as pillow on the train

Selfless young boy lets his tired mum use his hand as pillow on the train

This viral image of a little boy lending a hand to his sleeping mum on the train is melting everyone's hearts!

Mums, you tire yourselves out taking care of your kids everyday. What you might not know is that your kids see your sacrifices — and they are just as willing to give back all your selfless care.

When his mum fell asleep on the train, this young boy didn’t hesitate to give her a helping hand. Rather than let his exhausted mum lean on the hard glass divider, he put his hand beneath her head as a makeshift pillow.

Selfless young boy lets his tired mum use his hand as pillow on the train

Image Credit: Shanghaiist

And this was not the only selfless act that the young boy performed on the ride. A fellow passenger told Shanghaiist that the boy was originally sitting beside his mum, but gave up his seat to another mum with a baby stroller.

With a pink handbag slung over his right shoulder and a shopping bag over his left, it looks like the boy was also helping his mum carry all her things. What an amazing amount of compassion and unselfishness in a child so young!

The photo was taken aboard China’s Chengdu Metro Line 2 train by passengers who witnessed the heartwarming scene. Since then, it has gone viral on microblogging site Weibo, garnering more than 180, 000 likes and thousands of comments praising the boy.

With all the maturity this young child has shown, it’s no surprise that some of the comments are already thinking far ahead — by proposing arranged marriages.

“Help me ask around about who this kid’s parents are. I want to go ahead and arrange for him to marry my future daughter,” one netizen wrote. 

As parents, it’s never a simple matter to teach our kids virtues like kindness and filial piety. Though things like giving up seats to those in need have become automatic in Singapore, we hope that our kids will do kind acts from a deeper sense of morality. 

Kudos to this thoughtful child for going above and beyond — and to his parents, who must have passed on to him such a deep sense of duty early on. This little gentleman is sure to grow up to do great things in future! 

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