4 Sex Positions With Handcuffs For Adventurous Couples

4 Sex Positions With Handcuffs For Adventurous Couples

Sex becomes much better when you add handcuffs.

Sex isn’t supposed to be perfect, but it does get better when you stretch your sexual boundaries (to a certain point). Sometimes things fizzle out in the bedroom after you’ve been married for a while. So if you’re thinking of spicing up the marriage, you can consider bringing props into the bedroom. Like for instance, handcuffs. Why not try these handcuff sex positions to spice things up in the bedroom? 

4 handcuff sex positions for adventurous couples

Handcuff Sex Positions

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1. The Kinky Missionary

Do this: “The person on the receiving end lies on her back, hands overhead and cuffed,” says Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist at Good Vibrations. “If the bed permits, up the ante with a second pair of cuffs on the ankles. The dominant person is on top, probably talking dirty.”

Anyone who loves the missionary position will love this.  There is full-body contact and face-to-face intimacy. There is also a touch of power play for those that like bondage.

2. Queening in Bondage

Do this: “For this position, the submissive partner is on the bottom. This is an oral sex positionwhere the woman gets lovely licks while the man’s wrists are bound above his head. Just take care not to put her weight on his arms when being pleasured.

“Queening’ is a very good tease position, where the top person almost lowers herself onto the bottom person but doesn’t quite make contact… ’till their partner begs!” says Queen.

3. Hands Behind Ankles

Do this: This position requires a little flexibility. The woman lies on her belly. Then, bend your legs up and reach back for your feet. Attach the handcuffs around your wrists so that they sit behind the ankles.

This position bends you open so that there is great access to the pubis, labia and clitoris. It also opens your hip flexor muscles and flexes your glutes for a fabulous and very arousing stretch. 

4. Standing Room Only

Do this: Find a spot, like a towel rod or a hook against the wall, where you can handcuff your partner’s arms while standing up. Once you have both hands restrained above their head, tell them not to move.

Then say in a stern voice, don’t move.

With both hands restrained, it’s up to the dominant to begin the teasing and the surprising. You’re in control, so tie the arms and maybe, toss on a blindfold and play with different sensations.

Play with sensations: Warm oil from a massage candle, ice cubes or wet kisses will all stimulate your partner’s arousal.

If they are blindfolded, they won’t know which sensation will come next, making it mysterious and that much hotter. This session ends when you say so or your partner can’t take it anymore.

Bonus handcuff sex positions tips: 

Handcuff Sex Positions

Why not incorporate restraints into your sex routines? Try these handcuff sex positions at home. | Photo: iStock

Consider these tips before trying out new handcuff sex positions: 

  • Technically, any handcuffs will work. Even a scarf that you tie loosely will do the job. For safety, consider using cuffs made of leather or fabric that buckle or tie.
  • Only use handcuffs with someone you know well and trust.
  • Agree on a safe word first. This is any word besides “no” or stop”. It allows the cuffed person to ask to stop the activity anytime while remaining in character.  
  • Make sure the object you are cuffing a person to and the surface they are resting on is stable.

Source: Your Tango

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