9 Ancient Chinese Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Marriage

9 Ancient Chinese Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Marriage

Such delicious positions...

China is one of the world's oldest civilisations, and it has had a a rich influence in the arts, literature, science, politics, and even relationships. Not to be outdone by India's Kama Sutra, the ancient Chinese have much wisdom when it comes to the art of pleasure. And though these Chinese sex positions are centuries-old, they can still spice up your sex life today!

9 Chinese Sex Positions to Make Married Sex Even More Enjoyable!

In Ancient China, sexual teachings and sexual yoga positions were communicated through treatises and manuals given to couples to help them have more sensual and satisfying sexual relations.

Though these Chinese sex positions date back to 4,000 years in the past, they can still help couples today. In fact, much of modern yoga poses can also be great sex positions

1. The Dragon Turns

In this position, the woman lies on her back and opens her "jaded doorway," (which is common imagery in ancient China to signify a woman's vagina) so the man can penetrate her about five inches deep. It's kind of like a more specific type of missionary. 

chinese sex positions

2. Turtle Stirs

This position involves lying down on your back and bending your knees while your hubby holds on to your feet and pulls it up to your chest before penetration.

3. The Tiger Slit

This ancient position involves a woman kneeling on the bed, with her head down, as the man, kneeling behind her penetrates and thrusts.

chinese sex positions

4. Phoenix Hovers

To do this position, lie down on your back and hold your legs apart. Have your hubby kneel between your thighs to penetrate you about four inches.

5. Wrestles Monkey

If you want to try this position with your hubby, just lie down on your back and rest your legs over your husband's shoulders. Pull your knees up to your chest, and let your hubby enter you at a depth of three inches. 

chinese sex positions

6. Rabbit Nibbles the Hair

This woman-on-top position is one of the more unusual Chinese sex positions. In this position, the man lies on his back as the woman kneels above him, facing his feet for shallow, but stimulating penetration.

7. Cicada Clings 

To do this position, lie down on your tummy and have your hubby penetrate you while he's lying on top of you. Or you can have him sit down as you straddle him while lying down on your tummy. 

chinese sex positions

8. Fish Interlock Their Scales

Have your hubby lie down on his back, as you sit lightly over his body. As you do this, let him enter you slowly to a depth of about two inches. 

9. Crane Intertwine Their Necks

As for this sensual position, let your hubby sit on the bed with the soles of his feet facing each other and then straddle him.  

Which one are you trying today, mums and dads? 


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