Going Back To Work After Your Baby: How To Deal With Separation Anxiety

Going Back To Work After Your Baby: How To Deal With Separation Anxiety

Going back to work after your maternity leave is never easy

So you’ve had your baby and have enjoyed being home with him or her for months or longer, but now it’s time to get back to work. How do you deal with being apart from your baby (read: separation anxiety)? One theAsianparent Community user had the same question:


separation anxiety

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It’s a difficult situation that many mums can relate to. Some mothers found it so difficult that instead of returning to the office, they opted to look for options that would allow them to work from home:

“This was one of the most painful things I had to go through after I had my first child,” said Camwy S. “I wasn’t successful in coping with separation anxiety, so I decided to be a stay-at-home mum for several months and finally I was able to land a home-based job. So happy to have experienced the best of both worlds at the same time.”

separation anxiety

Some mums have found being apart from their child so difficult that they’ve opted to work from home. | Photo: istock

“Separation anxiety was painful, especially for my kid,” wrote Jecyl B. “Went back to work for only a couple of weeks then quit. I’m now doing part time online job.”

Though working from home is ideal, this situation isn’t for everyone. Some of us don’t have much of a choice, and when providing for the family is the paramount concern, you just have to make the best of the situation.

Ease into it

Stan O. suggested that prior to returning to the office, the mum could spend long periods of time away from her baby to get accustomed to the separation.

“Weeks before she goes back to work, she can start leaving the baby with the nanny or grandparents. For example, she could go to the salon by herself, watch a movie with the hubby, or dine out while the baby’s at home. My wife did that before. Of course, the anxiety will still be there, but somehow, it’ll be lessened.”

Going Back To Work After Your Baby: How To Deal With Separation Anxiety

It is inevitable for a mum to experience separation anxiety with a newborn while thinking of going back to work. | Photo: istock

Keep your eyes on the prize

When you’re at the office, it helps to keep in mind that you’re working for the good of your family. “Tell her to relax, she’s not leaving your child for a lifetime,” Mikaela S. wrote. “And always keep in mind that whatever she does at work, it’s entirely for her baby and family’s needs.”

And while you’re at the office, give it your best so you won’t have to bring your work home, as what Dazzle S. advised:

“From experience, it really sucks to be away from your little one. Think solution and not problem: do your best at work so when you get home, it’s really quality time with your family.”

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