19 Interesting Facts & Figures About February Babies

19 Interesting Facts & Figures About February Babies

Surprising fun facts about February-born babies, right from their personality to whom they might be sharing their birthdays with, adds joy to the time you wait to cuddle your baby in your arms.

Babies occupy centre-stage in every family. The nine months leading up to the birth of the new family member can be alternatively blissful and filled with stress. There seem to be myriad things to do before the baby arrives, from getting a nursery ready to stocking-up on toys, clothes and other associated paraphernalia. In the midst of all this rush, it is necessary for parents-to-be to have some time to relax and simply be with their unborn child. In this period of anticipation, wouldn’t it be fun to speculate on your baby’s characteristics and predict his or her future based on the birth month? Below are given a handful of interesting and fun facts about a February baby to add joy to those special moments as you eagerly await the birth of your child.

1. Zodiac Sign

A February baby can have a star sign of either Aquarius (Feb 1st to Feb 18th) or Pisces (Feb 19th to Feb 28th or 29th). Aquarius is known for being communicative, open-minded, unique and logical. Pisces are better known for their lively imaginations and romantic nature.

2. Birthstone

The birthstone of a February baby is amethyst, which symbolises calmness of the soul.

3. Birth Flower

Those born in February have violet, associated with loyalty and faithfulness, as their birth flower.

4. Tall and Smart

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A February birthday usually means that your child would be taller than average and smarter to boot.

5. Calm and Composed

February-born people are known for their peaceful disposition; mood swings are not their cup of tea.

6. Eager to be born

Most children born in February tend to be born prematurely but without any health issues.

7. Artists-in-making

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Those born in February seem to be allotted more than their fair share of creativity. Many February babies end up being quite talented artists.

8. Born to Fame

The ones born in February have a high chance of becoming a celebrity; at any rate, they acquire fame in whatever they do.

9. Leap Day Birthday

Those born on February 29th can have their true birthdays only once in every four years, making those days extra special.

10. Prone to Sleep Disorders

Despite their robust health, February-born people tend to experience many sleep disorders.

11. Explosive Romantic Relationships

February-born children are often predicted to have affectionate, yet explosive romantic relationships. This might not always be a good thing in a relationship like marriage.

12. Rare and Special

Every parent feels that their child is special. For February babies, this is a definite fact; they are often known for their rare and special characteristics.

13. Clever and Sporty

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A February baby is often quite clever and ends up acquiring at least a post-graduation level education. They are also known to excel in sports and athletics.

14. Easy to Manage

Due to their calm demeanour, February babies are usually easier to manage when compared to children born in other months.

15. A will of steel

February babies are known for their strong wills, enabling them to overcome any difficulty to attain their goals.

16. As honest as the day is long

People born in February are scrupulously honest and cannot abide by deceitful attitudes.

17. An Air of Mystery

February-born people tend to cloak themselves with an air of mystery, increasing their personal allure.

18. Sharing Birthdays with VIPs

Many famous personalities also have birthdays in February including Shakira, Dane DeHaan, Chris Rock, Tom Hiddleston, Josh Brolin and Ashton Kutcher.

19. A Holiday Birth Month

February is known for its many and varied holidays like Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, etc.


Do you have any other observations to make about babies born in February? Leave us a comment below!

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