A romantic getaway for couples who live with their parents (and kids)!

A romantic getaway for couples who live with their parents (and kids)!

We know how tough it is to get some action when you’re staying with your folks, so we found the best place right in the city to whisk away to for the weekend!

It’s true – a lot of young Singaporeans live with their parents. For sexy time with your partner, we found The PARKROYAL on Pickering ideal for a private and luxurious staycation. Parents, time to get excited!

theAsianparent took a night off from our kids and their grandparents, and tucked ourselves away in this gorgeous hotel. The PARKROYAL on Pickering initially took our breaths away just from its stunning architecture. We knew we had to check this place out for ourselves!

What was it that we loved about this hotel?

You get to sleep on the plumpest, fluffiest pillows

Once we got to the room, we didn’t want to leave. We languished on the ridiculously plush bed of the ambient room and tuned into ourselves. A good change from when you’re in the noisy and sometimes rowdy atmosphere of a home with so much going on! The PARKROYAL on Pickering is definitely the outlet for escape that you need, with the most comfy snooze awaiting you.

romantic getaway

The best sleep awaits you!

There’s a bathtub in a corner of the bedroom

How sexy! There’s of course a sliding door separating the bedroom and the shower area, but we absolutely loved how inviting the tub looked in its unique position. Bubble up and pour the champagne- the things you can’t do if you live with your parents, now can you?

romantic getaway

Soak in the comfy bath with bubbles and a sparkling drink in hand

Enjoy the VIP treatment and receive handwritten notes

If you opt to stay in the Orchid Club Rooms, you’ll be at the luxury of dining at any time your tummy says ‘feed me’. We indulged in the Orchid Club privileges – afternoon tea, evening cocktails and canapés, priority check-in and access to the rooftop Orchid Club Lounge and terraces. And who doesn’t love receiving handwritten welcome notes? We felt the warmth as soon as we stepped into the hotel. Hands down one of the best hotel experiences!

romantic getaway

Who doesn’t fancy some fancy treatment?

Cabana time is bliss

Infinity pool then lying back with cocktail in hand? Yes, please! The colourful and stylish-looking cabanas took us by surprise. Located on the fifth floor of the hotel, guests can relax with breath-taking views of the hotel’s lush landscaping and our island’s city skyline. This is definitely a spot you’d want to cuddle up in with hubby dearest. The peace, the scenic views and just the atmosphere will keep you coming back for more ‘alone time’.

There’s just one rule: seize the opportunity to relax in the sun, read a book, or soak in the giant tub. Whether you and your partner are looking for romance, peace and quiet or just a little fun, this hotel fits the bill!

romantic getaway

Grab your novel and lay in here for hours… the space is all yours!


PARKROYAL at Pickering is located at 3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore 058289

To book a room: Call 6809 8889


Mums and dads, have you booked a staycation here? We suggest you do!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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