Get zesty with ZESPRI® Kiwifruit in your cooking!

Get zesty with ZESPRI® Kiwifruit in your cooking!

Did you know that ZESPRI® kiwifruit is a versatile fruit that can be easily incorporated into your daily meals?


Healthy fruit for a healthy family

ZESPRI® Green and Gold kiwifruit make a great, vitamin-packed addition to any recipe. Let us show you how with these handy tips!

Selecting, storing and ripening

A ripe kiwifruit will yield gently to your fingers when you press it, has a fragrant smell and can be eaten immediately. You can easily ripen kiwifruit by leaving it at room temperature for a few days or to speed up the process, put the kiwifruit in a bag along with a fruit that produces ethylene gas such as an apple, pear or banana.

Ripe Green and Gold ZESPRI® kiwifruit can be kept at room temperature up to seven days. However, for maximum freshness, keep your ZESPRI® Green and Gold kiwifruit in a plastic bag in the refrigerator to help reduce moisture loss.

Freezing ZESPRI® Kiwifruit is also an alternative option to immediate consumption, as neither the nutritional content, colour nor flavour is affected by this method of storage.

No peeling

The easiest way to eat a kiwifruit is to cut one into half and scoop out the ripe fruit from the skin with a spoon – this also makes kiwifruit a healthy and easy snack on the go.

Alternatively, you can slice the kiwifruit into quarters and remove the kiwifruit skin or use a regular vegetable peeler.

You or your kids can enjoy your ZESPRI® Green and Gold kiwifruit anywhere by packing it in a lunchbox or container and be confident that your fruit will remain safe from being bruised or squashed.


When using ZESPRI® Green and Gold kiwifruit in hot dishes, add them at the end so that the kiwifruit retains its bright colour.

ZESPRI® Green kiwifruit contains actinidin, an enzyme that prevents gelatin from setting and also breaks down protein in dairy products. Therefore, when combining ZESPRI® Green kiwifruit with dairy products, serve immediately. Alternatively, use ZESPRI® Gold kiwifruit for a sweeter addition.

ZESPRI® Kiwifruit contains an enzyme actinidin, which is a natural meat tenderiser and can therefore be utilised in savoury as well as sweet dishes. It works by breaking down the protein in meat. Simply peel and mash the ZESPRI® Green kiwifruit and spread the pulp on the meat. Let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes, scrape off the pulp and discard.

This enzyme also breaks down protein in other foods such as gelatine and dairy products. So when combining ZESPRI® Kiwifruit with ice cream or yoghurt, it’s best to serve immediately. Avoid using raw kiwifruit in recipes containing gelatine as it will impair the setting qualities of the dish.


Use fresh ZESPRI® Green and Gold kiwifruit in your fresh fruit juice or smoothies. If you are preparing kiwifruit juice or puree, stop the food processor / blender before the seeds get crushed as this may make your juice slightly bitter. Kiwifruit seeds are so small that you will hardly notice them in your juice or smoothie however if you do wish to remove them, simply pass the pulp through a strainer.

Kiwifruit add lots of flavour to your favourite drinks and smoothies however, you may need to blend a number of kiwifruit in order to get a full glass of fruit. Alternatively mix your ZESPRI® Green and Gold kiwifruit with a milder, but juicier fruit such as an apple or a melon.

It’s easy to add kiwifruit in your daily diet. Not sure how? Visit for some ideas!

Better yet, why not come up with your very own? Put you and your child’s culinary skills to the test and your child stands a chance to become the 2011 ZESPRI® Junior Chef! Entry submission has been extended to Monday, 22 August 2011 so don’t delay, click here to enter your team and email us your recipe at [email protected]!

About ZESPRI® Kiwifruit

ZESPRI® International Limited is the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, selling kiwifruit into more than 60 countries. The ZESPRI® brand sets the benchmark for guaranteed excellence and delicious natural kiwifruit.

Eating ZESPRI® Kiwifruit on a daily basis is an easy way to get important nutrients in your body.   This little wonder from New Zealand has the most Vitamin C compared to many other fruits[1], and just one kiwifruit will help you achieve more than 210% of your daily recommended intake.  Plus, get the amazing goodness from eating just two kiwifruit a day:

  • Most nutrient-packed (in vitamins and minerals) among many other fruits[2].
  • Natural source of Dietary Fibre, Folate and Potassium
  • Natural source of antioxidants like Beta Carotene and Lutein
  • Low in Fat and has a low Glycaemic Index (GI)

Learn more about ZESPRI® Kiwifruit and try the many delicious recipes at

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[1] Vit C in mg/100g edible flesh. (Source: USDA Nutrient Database Release 23)

[2] Nutrients per calorie (Nutrient Density/100kcal). (Source: Journal of the American Dietetic Association 105, 1881-1887)


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