Want to get pregnant without unnecessary pressure during sex? Here's how!

Want to get pregnant without unnecessary pressure during sex? Here's how!

Say goodbye to mechanical sex for conceiving. Here are some tips to keep it fun while trying to get pregnant!

Let's face it, sex starts to become a chore (and rather mechanical) only when you're both doing it with the hopes of getting pregnant.

When the two of you start to focus more on the outcome than the journey, it can get a little less enjoyable, unlike how it should be. Does this situation sound familiar? Not to worry, here we tell you how to keep your sex fun even at a can-be-stressful time as such.

#1 Be experimental

This one's obvious. Positions that are recommended would be those that allow deep penetration such as the missionary position and doggy style. These positions will result in the sperm being right next to your cervix, which is the opening of your uterus. Other positions such as standing up, or the woman on top can be good as well!


#2 Get creative


Role play? Sure. Bring in candles, lingerie, costumes, anything that gets you in the mood but of course, isn't too much to throw you off. Maybe even try a new location! There's absolutely no harm in putting the spark back into your sex life. Also try not to limit sex to “ovulation only” days. If you are having a healthy sex life on the other days, it will be easier for you to have a healthy sex life during your fertile times as well.


#3 Limit on the sex talk

More specifically, use words other than those that fall under the category of "baby". For example, "pregnant", "fertile", "ovulating" and of course, "baby". If you tell him that you need to have sex because you’re ovulating, chances are it will become less “fun” not only for him, but for the both of you as well. Remember, the point is to enjoy the journey, not focus on the outcome!


#4 Don't stop doing the "couple" stuff


When you two start focusing more on what you guys are doing in the bedroom, you'll start to lose connection outside. For example, you'll stop going for dates like the movies or even a simple dinner and this can affect your relationship more than you think. Go to dinner or do an activity like bowling or pottery (anything out of the norm) every now and then! By making sure the two of you are communicating and connecting in ways other than sex, it should be easier for you to connect during love-making.


#5 Keep track of your ovulation days

So we already know the obvious fact that having sex on your ovulation days can higher your chances of getting pregnant. But what we don't know is that it's actually recommended that, rather than trying to time sex to coincide with ovulation, having sex every two or three days can higher your chances of getting pregnant. This will not only make your sexual activity regular, it will also help you keep track of your fertile window. Which will in turn bring back the spontaneity into your sex life!


Parents, what are your tips on keeping your sex life fun? Share your ideas with us!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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