Exclusion program for problem gambling in Singapore

Exclusion program for problem gambling in Singapore

Singapore is doing its best to ensure that any gambling problems are taken care of. It has unveiled the three casino exclusion schemes...

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Is someone in your family having gambling problems? Read on for details on the casino exclusion programs for problem gamblers in Singapore.

Singapore is doing its best to ensure that any gambling problems are taken care of. There are currently two types of exclusion program from the casino, family exclusion or self exclusion.

Help for gambling problems: Family Casino Exclusion Scheme

Since launch in April this year, the family exclusion has garnered 19 sign ups. In the Family Casino Exclusion Scheme, any given family members has the right to apply for a Family Exclusion Order.

The Order is a way for family members to keep the ones they love from falling into the dangerous traps that problem gambling can create. It was intended so families are not destroyed either financially or emotionally by those who may have a gambling problem.

How to file an application?

In order to file an application, a family member must go in person down to the Tanjong Pagar Family Service Centre. The National Problem Gambling Council is also offering assistance through their helpline. Siblings, children, parents and spouses are all eligible to fill out an application. If approved, the person in their lives affected by gambling will no longer be allowed in either of the two resorts in Singapore that have casinos.

Other help programs for gambling in Singapore

Self Exclusion on the other hand gives individuals the opportunity to make a stand, or to exclude themselves should they be prone to compulsive and excessive gambling. An exclusion will be enforced for at least a year, and will continue unless the National Council on Problem Gambling receives an application for it to cease.

A third type of exclusion program will be rolled out before the integrated resorts open. Called the Third-Party Exclusion, it is to prevent undischarged bankrupts and Public Assistance and special grant recipients from entering the casinos. Between 25,000 to 29,000 people would fall into this category.

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