Mum-Assist, the clever solution to all your driving needs!

Mum-Assist, the clever solution to all your driving needs!

Buying a car is always exciting, but when it comes to buying a family car, there’s a lot to think about: what works for the family, what are the best cars for mums? Your growing family has growing needs. And because we recognise those needs, we’re here to tell you more about two SUVs from ŠKODA – the Karoq and Kodiaq.

You must have heard of ŠKODA, maybe just not in a while. That’s because ŠKODA has just recently returned to Singapore, under the Volkswagen Group. The core of the ŠKODA brand is its ‘Simply Clever’ philosophy—the simple sophistication of ingeniously designed cars. Space, safety, comfort and performance for a spirited and fun drive—ŠKODA does it all. It’s also truly value-for-money. 

Best cars for mums

In a nutshell, ŠKODA cars have earned a reputation as the ‘smart’ choice - for excellent value, superb quality and reliability. They are the best cars for mums!

Beyond being amazing driving machines, they have features that are a god-send to your growing family’s needs—features that we like to think of as Mum-Assist. They pave your way to a safer and better quality of life by putting mums’ needs first. 

The ŠKODA brand stands for an exceptional package and here three of the best mum-features that you can look forward to:

Mum-Assist, the clever solution to all your driving needs!

1. Safety First! 

When driving children around, safety is your first priority. But as we all know, it’s easy to get distracted with kids, and that split second can lead to a catastrophe. There’s no need for worry. With its wide range of driver assistance systems, the ŠKODA Karoq takes care of your safety concerns. 

For starters, the Front Assist with City Emergency Brake is a collision alert safety system that warns of the danger of collision and applies brakes to minimise consequences in the event of an unavoidable collision. And if it detects someone trying to run across the road before you do, it performs an emergency stop.

That’s not all. The ŠKODA Karoq has your back covered too. In case you forget to check, the Blind Spot Detect feature ensures your safety while changing lanes by detecting vehicles in your blind spot. 

Wet roads, oil spills, sudden swerving? Don’t fret! The Electric Stability Control (ESC) rescues you in critical situations when your car is about to skid and prevents slipping or locking of wheels.

It all adds up to a safety experience that almost knows you. Being a mum leaves you in a permanent state of exhaustion, so the Driver Alert detects your fatigue level and warns you to rest if it senses that you must! 

Mum-Assist, the clever solution to all your driving needs!

2. Flexibility for ever-changing needs 

Needless to say, space is high on the priority list for families with young children. Multiple children, child seats, helpers, grandparents... we’ve got you. The hardy seven-seater Kodiaq SUV offers the perfect value-for-money vehicle for families in need of space and versatility. 

Some days you need space for other things like strollers, bicycles and shopping bags. The Karoq is so flexible, it’s like yoga for car seats! The rear seating system comprises of three separate rear seats, each of which you can fold down independently. You can even remove them completely! 

3. Perfectly Practical

True to the nature of a ŠKODA, the Kodiaq is fully equipped with practical features that make day to day life more convenient. These are little details that are often overlooked but go a long way in making life easier. 

Rainy day? It has built-in umbrella compartments in both front doors, allowing for the storage of two umbrellas. They even come with holes to drain out water, so your entire car doesn’t get soaked. And for days when your hands are full—which is almost every day if you’re a mum—the virtual pedal, a touch-free tailgate opening and shutting system allows you to open the boot completely hands-free. 

Every detail is thought out.  We all know how children tend to swing the door open with all their might. With the Kodiaq’s Door Edge Protection, plastic strips automatically snap out to protect the door edges from crashing into the wall or car next to yours! 

Mums, as you are the gatekeeper for every major purchase in the family, ŠKODA’s Karoq or Kodiaq would indeed be an ideal choice for you and your family. By catering to all your needs, these cars provide Mum-Assist like no other car in the market. They are the best cars for mums because they are simply clever! 

Log on to the ŠKODA website to find out which ŠKODA is right for you. Book a test drive, for seeing is believing! 

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Written by

Nasreen Majid

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