Fun-filled activities with kids for the holidays

Fun-filled activities with kids for the holidays

Fill the household with merriment and mirth this school holiday break by engaging your kids in charming and cheerful activities. Check out some of the fun family activities we have listed for you…

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Here are some fun children school holiday family activities to do

Joy to the world! Finally, the major school holiday break is right around the corner with days off a-plenty. With all that work-free time, what would you do with your kid? How would you make each precious moment count? We have some fun-filled family activity suggestions for you. Twist it up a bit by throwing in some Disney Junior characters in the mix—that might add to the grins and giggles.

School holiday family activity #1 – Decorate and embellish

You know how your kid loves to feel useful around the house, sometimes enjoying themselves—a little too much—holding the broom and attempting to sweep. See that twinkle in their eyes as you include them in decorating duties. Let your lil’ ones help you to fill your home with that sparkle and shine this school holiday. Light up your home with fairy lights, put up pretty ribbons, deck the halls with boughs and holly…you get the idea.

Get your child more involved by actually creating decorative pieces together. You can even make your own ornaments to hang on the tree. This will be the prefect chance for your child to display their creative talents. For those that maybe a little too young to know what is happening, your bub could help sprinkle glitter or add their signature to the ornament by stamping their handprint on the fabulous piece.

School holiday family activity #2 –Hunt for treasure

Aye Aye Matey! Just like Jake and the Never Land Pirates, organize a treasure hunt for your lil’ ones around the house. Stuff, hide, scribble clues, draw maps and get your kids excited about hunting high and low for that cookie or that nifty gift you just wrapped and snuck under the bed. The best thing about this indoor family activity is that there is almost no cost involved.

School holiday family activity #3 –Dress it up to the nines

Go all out and and pretend to be someone else for a while. Allow yourself perhaps to dress up as Special Agent Oso’s partner, or if you are opposed to that, then dress your lil ones up. You could use inexpensive materials lying around the house, or if you’re willing to spend some, then go buy some costumes.

School holiday family activity #4 –Gift making galore

This year, your gifts can have a unique creative homemade flair to it. If your kid is a huge fan of Handy Manny, you could even make your own Talking Tool Box! Then use the tools to give out as presents for friends and family. How? Use old socks to make hand puppet tools. If you want a more Christmas feel, then dress up the hammer and other tools as elves or even Santa.

School holiday family activity #5 –Rhyme and reason

Encourage your kid to be a Little Poet. Teach your preschooler the beauty of poetry by reading poems to them. Reading out loud will help them appreciate the rhyme and rhythm of poems. It’s even better if you could help your kid write their own little rhymes. It’s a great way to learn new words to add to their vocabulary—in an entertaining manner.

Hope you enjoyed our suggestion on family activities during the children’s school holiday.

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