12 fun outdoor activity ideas for the weekend

12 fun outdoor activity ideas for the weekend

Help your child learn in an enriched environment with these 12 easy outdoor activities for children.

12 fun outdoor activity ideas for the weekend

Plan a fun-filled day of outdoor activities!


Not every outdoor activity has to be centered around sports. There are many outdoor activities with kids you can try, that are cost free and enjoyable, and the following should help give you ideas on how to spend your day out with kids in an enjoyable way:

1) Explore Singapore:

Here is some holiday family fun!

If you and your kids share a passion for nature, then going on an exploration exercise can be fun. Take along a butterfly book or a bird book and make a game of challenging your kids to spot as many creatures as they can, using the book as a guide. The idea is to have fun exploring and learn new things about nature at the same time.

2) Be Picasso

Parenting is tough - kids paint each other

Painting is usually a messy activity, so why not take it outdoor and allow your kids the freedom to get as messy and creative as they like. Cleaning up will be less of a nightmare.

3) Design some plates

Take out your old china and let your kids have fun painting designs on them. This is a good activity for outdoors, as you will not have to clean up the mess later. Your kids can then use these pieces as decorative containers for potted plants.


4) Rent some bikes!Family Cycling

Cycle around the neighbourhood. It is heart-warming to see a whole family out together cycling and enjoying the exercise and fresh air.

5) Splash around

Play with water balloons. This will keep your kids occupied and happy as water and kids usually make the ideal partnership, especially when the words “bath-time” are not in the equation.

6) Beachy fun


Besides just going to the beach to make sand castles and play in the water, try organising an hunt for seashells, crabs, washed up coral pieces or even funny shaped rocks.

7) Green thumbs

Do some gardening with your kids. Plant new things and watch your kid become absorbed in the growing process. You will be surprised at just how enthusiastic your child will become as he/she monitors the growth of something they planted on your lovely day out with kids.

 8) Wash the car

Car washing with the kids

Washing a car alone, can be a chore, but when kids are included, the fun starts. Laughter will be heard as you all enjoy the soap and water frolic.

9) Be tourists

Hop on a bus and take a trip around the city. This is an interesting way to spend time for an outdoor activities with kids. Do this during off-peak hours, and just sit back and relax while taking in the city sights. This is a great and cheap way to see your city. Your kids will enjoy the tour and you will certainly be able to see your city in a new light.

10) Ahoy Mate

oct 31

Have a treasure hunt. This will need some “homework” on your part, but it can prove to be an educational experience during your day out with kids, as they learn to understand directions and have a keen eye.

11) Old school

Play outdoor games from when you were a kid such as zero point, hop skotch, sepak takraw. Introduce these games to your child and bring back happy, old memories at the same time.

12) Scavenger hunt

On your day out with kids, organise a scavenger hunt. This kind of activity does not have any age limit so you can include anyone and everyone to make it more interesting.

12 fun outdoor activity ideas for the weekend

Kids want to play and outdoor activities allows kids to indulge in experiences with nature, inducing curiosity and the use of imagination. The outdoors provides an “enriched environment” for play, which helps kids to develop their cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being.

Allowing kids to play and be exposed to the elements of the nature environment, means kids have to healthy and strong on the inside. Friso believes with the right nutrition, kids can grow to be strong and healthy to explore the beautiful world outside with you. There are many more ideas for fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your kids to bond with them and promote healthy development.

Got more ideas on outdoor activities with kids? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!

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Serena Mui

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