8 fruits to eat when you're breastfeeding for better milk production

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You can still have bananas... if you know what we mean.

When you are breastfeeding, your diet becomes extremely important to ensure your child is getting sufficient nutrients. It’s even better if you can eat foods that improve your breastmilk production (such foods are known as galactagogues), or improve its quality. Though you might have to stay away from a number of things, the one thing you can indulge in is fruit. If you love eating fruits, then check out our list of delicious fruits that have amazing benefits for breastfeeding mummies. 

8 Fruits to Eat While Breastfeeding for Better Breastmilk Supply

1. Green Papaya

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

Green papaya is on the list of fruits to eat while breastfeeding. | Source: Pixabay

Yup, not just any papaya. Green papaya is one of the best fruits you can eat when breastfeeding even though it’s not that good for you when you are pregnant.

If you’re wondering what green papaya is, it is simply yellow papaya that is not ripe yet! It acts as an agent that helps with lactation by boosting your production of the hormone oxytocin, and therefore milk production. Green papaya also provides you with essential vitamins like Vitamins A, B, C, and E!

2. Avocado

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

Fruits to eat while breastfeeding: definitely avocados | Source: Pixabay

This superfood is great for many things, and breastfeeding is one of them. The omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-9 fatty acids in avocados help you to produce super rich breastmilk for your little one!

As a bonus, avocados are rich in folic acid as well as in vitamin C, vitamin E and potassium that help your little one grow and develop. Consuming this versatile fruit also helps with maintaining your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Guacamole, anyone?

3. Strawberries

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

While strawberries feature in our list of fruits to eat while breastfeeding, don’t overindulge on them as berries may cause gas in some babies. | Source: Pixabay

Strawberries are not only delicious, they are packed with essential nutrients that your little one will need for their development. This fruit is full of iron and is also chock-full with vitamins like Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Plus, their high water content helps you stay well-hydrated as you nurse your baby. 

4. Bananas

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

Source: Pixabay

How can you say no to bananas? They’re absolutely delicious and also rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a high-calorie fruit that will help with hunger pangs while breastfeeding and it helps to up your folic acid levels. 

What’s more, potassium-packed bananas help nursing mums maintain their fluid and electrolyte levels, which can help maintain a good breastmilk flow. 

5. Sapodilla (Chiku)

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

Source: Pixabay

The sapodilla, or chiku, is a great fruit for breastfeeding mums. It is high in calories which you will need plenty of to produce more breastmilk for your little one. You burn up to 500 calories a day just by nursing!

Rich in vitamins A and C, it also aids in digestion and provides antioxidants. Did we mention it tastes like caramel pudding? 

6. Blueberries

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

Source: Pixabay

Blueberries have always been known for their amazing antioxidant properties. While the amount that goes to your baby through your milk is not known, it is known that antioxidants do pass to your baby through breastmilk. Blueberries are also rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamins A and K, calcium as well as potassium.

Just don’t eat too many of these delicious fruits in one go as berries may cause gas in some babies. 

7. Cantaloupe

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

Source: Pixabay

A breastfeeding mum’s recommended daily amount is about 100 gms of vitamin C. By incorporating cantaloupes into your diet, you are already meeting HALF of that requirement as it contains 50 grams of Vitamin C. Cantaloupes are also high in water content, keeping you hydrated while breastfeeding. 

8. Mango

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

Source: Pixabay

Mangoes are high in antioxidants and vitamin K. The fiber and potassium content also help a breastfeeding mum replenish her nutrients. And of course, ripe mangoes are absolutely delicious. 

Now that you know what fruits to eat while breastfeeding, let’s take a look at the fruits to avoid while breastfeeding. 

Fruits to Avoid While Breastfeeding:

1. Oranges, Kiwi, Pineapple, Lemon, Lime, Grapefuit

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

Source: Pixabay

Fruits like these are high in citric acid, which might irritate your baby’s bowel movements and digestive system. Even some adults can’t handle high dosages of citric acid, so what more a tiny tot?

2. Prunes and Cherries

fruits to eat while breastfeeding

Source: Pixabay

Prunes and cherries are considered fruits that are natural laxatives. Whenever you’re constipated, these are the fruits you turn to, to help with the bowel movements. Eating too much of these fruits might also affect your little one’s digestive system. Plus if it gives you the runs, it isn’t good for you, because you need to be well-hydrated while breastfeeding!

We hope this list of fruits to eat while breastfeeding and fruits to avoid while breastfeeding has been helpful to you.


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