A fresh start for 2015 with Dulux Wash and Wear

A fresh start for 2015 with Dulux Wash and Wear

Check out mummy blogger Kelynn Nai's refreshing home makeover with Dulux Wash and Wear paint right here.

This January, we decided to do something different to our room for 2015!

Yes, we decided to paint our home with the Dulux Wash and Wear paint with KidProof Technology™.

dulux wash and wear

The Dulux’s professional painter came to my house early December for an on site consultation to assess my room so that they can advise me the time required to complete the job. They also offered a lot of advice and suggestions on colour selection that would best suit my room and furniture. They even suggested different concepts like strips that is so unique! For a FREE colour consultation, you can even send pictures of your room to Dulux’s customer care with your preferred colours and they will advise the colours on the walls so that you can visualise the end result. How convenient is that!!

After careful consideration, I picked Dulux Thai teal + Dulux Gentle Green + Dulux Ocean Spray to give my room a new breath of life.

I think this will turn out really well for the upcoming New Year and CNY!

dulux wash and wear

The Dulux Wash and Wear paint colours that we chose.

What is Dulux Wash and Wear?

dulux wash and wear

How is Dulux Wash and Wear “KidProof”?

Dulux Wash and Wear with KidProof Technology™ effectively repels tough stains. Rather than absorbing into the paint, most liquids form beads on the surface. It prevents stains from deeply penetrating into the paint film, so spills and marks can be easily wiped away.

Thanks to Dulux Wash and Wear, your walls will stay clean and fresh longer. And the best part is the Low Odour feature – no overpowering paint smell even when they are painting!

Look at the before & after pictures of our home:

dulux wash and wear

dulux wash and wear

dulux wash and wear

How “KidProof” is Dulux Wash and Wear?

I still remember that one time when my monster drew on my freshly painted walls with a colour pencil. Needless to say, I panicked when I saw that and I failed to erase the marks – no matter how hard I tried.

Well, thank goodness we have products like Dulux Wash and Wear with KidProof Technology™.

Now if accidents like spills or if my kids do get creative and start drawing on the wall, I know I can easily clean it off and have less reasons to be angry with them.

Check out the video below!

Dulux Wash and Wear with KidProof Technology™ makes cleaning up such as breeze for busy mums like me.

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Now, if you are considering a spring cleaning or home makeover project for the upcoming Chinese New Year, I would recommend the Dulux Wash and Wear with KidProof Technology™!

Paint with Dulux Professional Painting Services and save more than $600! 

dulux wash and wear

Great offers on painting packages from Dulux.

For an additional discount of $30, all you need to do is quote “KN003” when you are calling them!

For more inspirational ideas online on colour choices or special concepts, please visit the following Dulux pages:

Facebook: fb.com/dulux.sg

Instagram: @duluxg

Pinterest: pinterest.com/duluxsg

Youtube: youtube.com/duluxsingapore

Website: www.dulux.com.sg

This review was written by mummy blogger Kelynn Nai of  http://www.kelynnstory.com/.

Have you used the Dulux Wash and Wear paint with KidProof Technology™ to give your home a fresh makeover? Let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below!

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