Fresh-looking and easy to clean walls with Dulux Wash and Wear

Fresh-looking and easy to clean walls with Dulux Wash and Wear

Check out mummy blogger Wendy Shen's home makeover with Dulux Wash and Wear paint right here.

dulux wash and wear

Read on for mummy blogger Wendy Shen’s review of Dulux Wash and Wear paint.

Every girl loves to have a room painted and decorated in a bright and lively manner. After all, what could be better than a room with a personal touch and playful décor for my little girl!

Our little girl is now 10 and definitely has a mind of her own that she is not afraid to show. When I was given a chance to review  Dulux Wash and Wear with the NEW KidProof Technology™  I was so excited!! It comes in vibrant colours that are suitable for my little girl, and this was what we needed to brighten up Natasha’s room.

Deciding on the colour scheme

The experts from Dulux paid us a visit at our abode and provided advice and colour suggestions as part of their onsite consultation service.

dulux wash and wear

The Dulux Visualizer app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.

With the help of the free ‘Dulux Visualizer App’ (downloadable on Apple and Android for free) you can see the room live in any chosen colour before you paint it. The selection of paint colours was so much fun. Natasha enjoyed trying out the different colours for her room. After much deliberation, we settled for Dulux Viola as the main colour and Dulux Lara’s Theme as the feature wall colour. Natasha is a wild child – full of spunk and personality, so we wanted a room that displayed those characteristics.

dulux wash and wear

The wall in Natasha’s room, using Dulux Viola.

dulux wash and wear

Feature wall in Dulux Lara’s Theme.

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Why Dulux Wash and Wear?

And now it’s time to talk about the paint, the beautiful, low odour, environmentally preferred paint which I find myself staring lovingly at. Dulux Wash and Wear is a washable premium interior paint and is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), meaning less emissions and odour compared to paints with higher VOCs, making it better for the environment and also better for the family.

Dulux Wash and Wear helps to protect walls and is easy to clean. The design of Dulux Wash and Wear with KidProof Technology™ delays the penetration of stains into the paint film, rather than absorbing into the paint most liquids form beads on the surface. This helps to repel stains, making cleaning a breeze, you can remove most household stains by wiping with a wet cloth and mild detergents. It is the ideal paint for your kids’ room.

dulux wash and wear


It’s time to paint!

On paint day, the professional painters assisted in moving the bulky furniture and did the necessary ‘protection’ before starting on the paint job. The paint job was completed within 8 hours by just one painter – I was really impressed by the efficiency and the quality of the job!

dulux wash and wear

The painters moving the furniture around.

dulux wash and wear

See how they took extra care to protect the furniture and decor in the room?

Natasha was very pleased with the new coat of paint make-over. It is a room that brings a smile to my girl’s face every time she sees it.

dulux wash and wear

One very pleased Natasha after the paint job.

We were very happy when the painting had been completed, Dulux Wash and Wear paint has turned her drab and boring room into a room that represents everything she is, beautiful, fun and unique! Dulux Wash and Wear also comes with the Colourguard Technology™ which keeps colours looking fresh for longer periods of time. Thank you Dulux! Now my little girl has the room she has always wanted.

dulux wash and wear

Here’s how the room looked before…

dulux wash and wear

The amazing ‘After” shots of the room.

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Dulux wash and wear

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For more information visit, or give them a call at +65-6265-0677 (weekdays, 8:30am – 5:00pm). Check out Dulux’s Youtube and Pinterest pages for colour inspirations and painting tips.

Stay connected with Dulux Singapore via Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and promotions.

Disclaimer: Products for review were provided by Dulux via Tickled Media Pte Ltd. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Dulux.

This review was written by mummy blogger Wendy Shen of

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