Fitness with a new twist for baby-wearing mums

Fitness with a new twist for baby-wearing mums

Step aside Zumba, there's a new kind of fitness class for baby-wearing mums called "Mumba"!

You’ve recently had a baby and are finally getting into the groove of motherhood, but your post natal body is not exactly something you would like to get used to.

But you don’t have the luxury to join a gym or fitness class nor have the heart (or option) to leave your bub in someone else’s care so you can go break a sweat.

Well, you’ve probably heard of “Zumba”, an aerobic fitness programme incorporating Latin American dance style and music, but have you heard of the latest fitness class for baby-wearing mums called “Mumba”?

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Baby-wearing mums are finding new ways to exercise!
(Image: Babywearing Ballet Singapore)


These exercise classes with a new twist give new mums a chance to work out together with their little ones, and this latest parenting trend is gripping mothers in the city of Hong Kong.

Not only do mothers get the opportunity to get back into shape, but they do not have to worry about leaving their babies behind with someone else because they can bring their bub along with them!

Baby-wearing trend is back in fashion

According to a Straits Times news report, Ms Trish Kelly, co-founder of Hongkong’s Babywearing group, baby carriers have been used across cultures for thousands of years, but went “out of style”, much like breastfeeding, for a long time.

However, renewed interest in natural birth and breastfeeding has put traditional approaches to child-rearing, such as baby-wearing, the new in thing for modern parents.

There are different kinds of baby carriers available to suit your needs – from traditional woven cloth style baby slings to structured carriers perfect for exercising, swimming or even showering, when you just want baby close to you at all times.

Hong Kong’s urban landscape has many narrow hilly streets so is not ideal for baby strollers and is notorious for being wheelchair and pram unfriendly, that’s why many are turning to baby-wearing, which helps make it easier for them to navigate their way through the city, thus the rise in demand for fitness programmes tailored to baby-wearing mums.

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Many mums in Hong Kong are opting to use baby carriers instead of strollers

Exercises for baby-wearing mums

Ms Ifat Hindes, co-founder of Mumba Fitness, shares that there was a huge demand from new mums who wanted to get their prenatal bodies back as well as regain their strength, but at the same time did not want to be away from their young babies when they were exercising.

“We have combined different types of exercise including yoga, dance, TRX (suspension training), and pilates, and the bonus is that you are using your baby for weight training.”

There are new spins on several kinds of fitness classes available to baby-wearing mums which allows them to get a good workout while their little one is strapped to them in a carrier, ranging from yoga, pilates, belly-dance, ballet and even suspension training (TRX).


baby-wearing mums, carrier, exercise, fitness, class, mother, health

Make sure your baby is at least three months old and has adequate neck control

Is it safe for babies?

If you are worried about just how safe it is for you to be working out with your little one strapped inside a carrier, physiotherapist Helen Binge from Physiobaby explains that is fine as long as the baby sling or carrier is very supportive, and the form of exercise is not too vigorous.

Most baby-wearing exercise classes also recommend that your baby should be three months or older before it is safe for them to take part, so as to ensure they have adequate neck control.

Baby-wearing mums should also check the positioning of their little ones in the carrier to make sure their hips are protected.

baby-wearing mums, fitness, exercise, fun, ballet, activity, baby, work out

Ballet classes are available for baby-wearing mums in Singapore
(Image: Babywearing Ballet Singapore)

Baby-wearing fitness classes in Singapore

Singapore may be a stroller-friendly place to live, but many parents here are also opting to use baby carriers as well after learning about the many benefits of baby-wearing.

For baby-wearing mums in Singapore who want a workout, you can relive your dreams of becoming a ballerina by going for a fun baby-wearing ballet class where you will learn pirouettes with your bub.

You can even try a relaxing baby-wearing yoga class for some deep breathing and stretching to soothe your tired muscles while your little one is safely strapped inside the carrier.

Or if you prefer something a bit more upbeat, you can join a lively baby-wearing jazz class and express yourself through dance with your precious bub.

Not only will you get to burn some calories and lose the extra pounds by working out at these unique fitness classes tailored for baby-wearing mums, you still get to spend quality time bonding with your baby. Everybody wins!


Would you join an exercise programme for baby-wearing mums? Do you think your baby will enjoy it too? Share your comments with us below!

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