Feeling angry, irritated and messed up? Blame it on PMS!

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Most women go through a roller coaster ride of emotions during their PMS. Check out our fun chat where four parents talk about their experiences with PMS.

Most women would agree that their period is a bit of a show-off. It likes to give a sneak preview of things to come, before the actual show itself. So you have mood swings, cramps, headaches, irritability and even unexplained cravings, in those seven days before your period. This condition is called PMS, or Premenstrual syndrome.

Often, women complain about getting unreasonably angry when they are PMSing. Guess what, it supposedly gets worse as you age. So things could get a lot crazier in years to come.

As for me, my mood swings around like a pendulum and my family gets blamed for messing up my life. I wanted to know if I was the only mad woman around, so I did a quick chat with some of my friends. Check it out!

So readers, what did you think of our chat? Do you share similar feelings or is PMS a totally different ball game for you? Let us know!
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