Mum expertly trains her triplets to behave during feeding time

Mum expertly trains her triplets to behave during feeding time

It's almost magical how she got them to be quiet so quickly!

Having one baby can be draining for mums. From breastfeeding to the late night wake-up wails and attending to their every need. For those who have twins, we absolutely salute you for taking on double the load.

But when you have triplets, that’s THREE times the work. So we have to give it to this mum in China, who has expertly handled her three boys during feeding time. Kudos to you, mummy! We don’t know how you do it… or do we? 

feeding triplets

Feeding Triplets Like a Pro!

An Asian mum is gaining Internet fame for feeding triplets like a pro, knowing exactly how to handle them during feeding time.

In a video that has gone viral, the Asian mum is seen with three bottles in her hands and three eager and hungry babies. 

The three of them seem to be yanking on her clothes, while crying and whining for the milk bottle. 

But as soon as she gets up and walks away with the bottles, the babies obediently follow her to the bed. 

feeding triplets

Her triplets crying and whining for milk, desperately clinging on to her.

Once three of them are quietly in bed, she hands them each a bottle and puts them into a lying down position. 

They instantly start drinking the milk without so much as a peep from them! 

They say good habits start young, and she has clearly expertly trained them with this good habit from a young age!

feeding triplets

Ahhh, peace at last. All three are quietly drinking from their bottles and lying down without making a fuss!

Check out the super cute, viral video here.

Learn How to Manage Twins or Multiples

Just like this expert mummy has established a great routine with feeding her triplets, if you have twins or multiples, you will also have to figure out a routine or system that works for your kids. 

Here are some ways you can manage feeding time with twins or multiples better:

1. Keep mealtimes consistent
Try to keep your mealtimes consistent so the kids will get used to the idea of having meals at a particular time of the day. It will be much less of a hassle trying to get them into the dining room for meals.

2. Create competition
Having more children means having extra help once they get old enough. Take advantage of the natural competitive streak between multiples. Create contests for them such as, “Who can clean up after dinner the quickest?” or “Who is the most well behaved one?” and so on. Make sure to reward the winner.

3. Distract them
When you finally get them to the dinner table, give them some toys or anything else which might distract them for a while, so you get some time to prepare the rest of the dinner. This will help in making meal times less chaotic as twins and multiples might start annoying each other out of boredom while waiting for food to be served.


Source: Feedy TV

We hope these tips on feeding triplets or multiples have helped you. Let us know if you have any more tips to share! Check this amazing video of a mum dressing her triplets and a toddler! Talk about a supermum, eh?

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