How to manage mealtimes with twins/multiples

How to manage mealtimes with twins/multiples

Managing mealtimes with twins or multiples can be a downright nightmare. Check out these 3 simple tips that are bound to make your life more stress-free and handling mealtimes more manageable.

manage mealtimes with twins/multiples

Check out these 3 simple tips on how to manage mealtimes with twins/multiples

Its 6pm and after much effort, you have finally managed to wrestle your twin children into their high chairs for dinner time. You head back into the kitchen but suddenly you hear twin A wailing like a baby. You turn around and realise twin B is gleefully laughing and pointing at twin A whose face is covered with food. You rush back to try to clean up the mess they have created but a full on food fight has erupted between the siblings and your exasperated screams for them to stop are being ignored. You stand back and watch helplessly as your dining room is transformed into a battlefield and you just feel like washing your hands off everything and taking a nice long nap.

If the above scenario sounds familiar to you, then you are probably the very tired parents who are trying to manage mealtimes with twins/multiples. Raising children is an arduous task but to manage mealtimes with twins/multiples can be a downright nightmare. However, before you start pulling your hair out from all the stress of parenting, here are 3 simple tips to manage mealtimes with twins/multiples that make it much more manageable.

Tips to help manage mealtimes with twins/multiples

manage mealtimes with twins/multiples

We tell you how to make managing mealtimes with twins/multiples easier!

Keep meal times consistent
It is difficult enough trying to get one child in the dining room for dinner time, let alone two or more. Try to keep your meal-times consistent. This way, your multiples will slowly get used to the idea of having meals at a particular time of the day and it would be that much less of a hassle trying to get them into the dining room for meals.

Create competitions
Having more children means having extra help once they get old enough. Take advantage of the natural competitive streak between multiples. Create contests for them such as, ‘Who can clean up after dinner the quickest’ or ‘Who is the most well behaved one’ and so on. Make sure to reward the winner.

Distract them
When you finally get them onto the dinner table, give them some toys or anything else which might be able to distract them for a while, so you get some time to prepare the rest of the dinner. This will help in making meal times less chaotic as twins and multiples might start annoying each other out of boredom while waiting for food to be served.

Did these 3 tips on how to manage mealtimes with twins/multiples help you? Tell us if you have any more tips on how to manage mealtimes with twins/multiples — we’d love to hear from you!


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