Father forces son to run naked in the snow

Father forces son to run naked in the snow

You can do many things to make your child more resilient but there are limits. This father from China made his son run in the snow with only shoes and underwear in an attempt to make him “stronger”.

Father forces son to run naked in the snowEagle father

Chinese people are infamous for tough parenting—think Chinese American author Amy Chua the “Tiger Mother”; enough said. Some even take pride in their parenting styles that are at times borderline torturous. You’ll see in the video filmed by the parents—a four-year-old boy was forced to run through the streets of New York in his underwear while it was snowing. The video went viral and unsurprisingly sparked an outrage.

The father’s personal assistant said it was done to “train his son to be strong”. The father, with a last name of He, filmed the whole ordeal—the son cried while begging his father to take him into his arms in the bitter cold. The parents even forced their son to lie down on the frigid iced ground—and the son obeyed. Now, He has been nicknamed “Eagle Dad” for his inhumane actions.

Methods in the year of the Dragon

Apparently, as Xin the personal assistant told AFP, He was in New York during Chinese New Year on holiday and wanted to enter the Dragon year with this “strengthening” method.

The boy warmed up by doing half-an-hour of slow running. Xin said: "This child has received all sorts of forms of training since he was small. When he was one, he started swimming in water that was 21 degrees Celsius."

Apparently, the boy has some health issues in the past and doctors seemed to believe he would have cerebral palsy because he has water in the brain—he also had a premature birth. The family seem to believe that because of Eagle Dad’s “training” the health issues are not surfacing.

Xin added: "He says he doesn't care what others say... that the fact that the child lived showed that he has tenacious vitality." So, He has disregarded all criticism. This kind of attitude reminds us about how apathetic Chinese  were when passing and ignoring a dying toddler who was hit by a van and a truck.



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