Help! My Kid Has Diarrhoea!

Help! My Kid Has Diarrhoea!

What to do when medicine is not curing your kid's diarrhoea problems? Check out this article for things you can look out for.

Oh no! My kid has the runs

Oh no! My kid has the runs

Mum Needs Help: My 13mth old son started having diarrhoea 2 weeks ago. Medicine did not helped. Will pass motion after every meal or feed. Stopped when we were overseas a few days ago. But the moment we are back to country, the diarrhoea starts again. What to do?


Sherry Chavez: maybe due to milk?

Pauline New: bed / playarea perhaps ?

Sharon Tsen Kong Ling: what i usually do when my kids have diarrhoea is to cook plain watery porridge. add a bit of salt to taste. give less milk. more of the watery porridge. diarrhoea will stop in a day or so. hope this helps…

Sherry Chavez: water maybe?

Alira Oriel: try changing d milk formula

Yvonne Ho: If dat d case no milk for him tk soy milk instead

Alney Kangit:
how about water? is it boiled enough?

Nicole Neo: Go and seek doctor advice.. 🙂 evian water

Anne Guillen Duthuron:

Amy Lee: You better bring him to kk to seek advice. It is difficult for us to judge over here. Don’t wait till too serious.

Rapeepan Pook Sapayanon: avoid vegetable, fruits and eggs

Azalia Huzaifah: stop milk immediately, try giving him glucose drink or soya milk.

Farah Dasuki: Avoid lactose, try soy. Best to go see paeditrician.

Patricia Alvisse: Maybe the water at your home as you were in overseas your son didnt have diarrhoe and having the same milk formula.

Evonne Lee: tried giving only rice water as some recommendation. But NOt filling for my son. So gave him plain porridge for past 1.5 days. Will continue giving plain porridge and see how today. This morning his motion seems not so loose already.

Kelly Kc: Sounds like your son is not used to food in countryside. Are you feeding him one new food at a time. Like carrots this week, mangoes the next week. Because it could also be some kind of food allergy. Also, while your child is on prescription antibiotics, the good germs in his guts are destroyed. Replenish his pre and pro biotics with naturally uncooked vege (but thoroughly washed) like raw lettuce, or with an over-the-counter pharmacy.

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