Cure for kids with gastric flu and diarrhoea

Cure for kids with gastric flu and diarrhoea

Find out what parents do when their kids suffer from gastric flu and diarrhoea.

Mum needs help: My nine month old daughter has been having Gastric flu for the past two days. Now she's having diarrhoea three times a day. She doesn't wants to eat. If she eats, she will throw out everything. Given her diarrhoea medicine but still the same.. She drinks milk, but only two oz.. Please help me.

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Replies on cure for kids with gastric flu and diarrhoea:

Jenice Tai: Bring her to the pd again if she cant eat anything in case she gets dehydrated.

Shirley Soh: Sally for such cases, dun force her to drink or eat... usually get her to drink the popsicle in small quantities like 5-10ml every 15min..for at least 1 whole day..then slowly give her milk same concept apply; 5-10ml every 15min... coz her digestive system is upset to absorb any fluid or gotta do it slowly.

Michelle Sinhwee:
how about slightly chilled juices? when not feeling well, they still take to sweet, cold stuff- all in a bid to prevent dehydration.

HappyBaby Corner:
Last time my bb was 6mths when exact thing happen.. Pead change the formula to soy base, tried Karicare soy For lactose tolerance.. for a week until tummy back to normal.

Ellina Wong:
you should take her off milk coz it will cause more diarrhea....substitute with soy milk for the time being...

Evelyn Hu:
Give her plain porridge water or soya milk as subsitute.. Hope this helps

Joanna Tan:
My Doctor's remedy is to give porridge water every 4 hours. Mix in a little bit of honey. Works both times when my baby has diarrhoea. Recover in one day。don't even have to take medicine. I had diarrhoea for a week. Tried the same remedy. Also works for me.

Joanne Khoh:
no honey for below 12mo. for dehydration, check wif yr paed if u can give some young coconut water.

Joanna Tan:
My Doctor says honey is ok in small quantity. Even for below 12 mths.

Jessica Won:
ya give her soy based milk and my bb got gastric flu 2 weeks ago, also cannot tolerate food, not ever water and my PD give a med at my bb's anus and after 1 hour, he started drinking, not much but 30ml every hr and slowly increase... took him 3-4days to recover and back on his own milk...doesnt matter if bb drink less, little qty but more feed, as long as bb is drinking he will be fine... can try porriage water also...

Rita Shum:
It happens to my baby. Pd said no milk for 3 days.. Cos it will upset his stomach further. If really required give soy milk. I only gave him porridge plain n water plus some ribena for 3 days n he is ok. Of cos medicatin muz b given

Grace Wahyuni:
Get the glucose drink (blackcurrent) and lots of water, no milk is ok.. and just plain porridge.. the virus needs a few days so dun worry if she's still throwing up or having diarrhea.. Get well soon :)

Paula Chee:
water also prevent dehydration..

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