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"I am proud to say that my labour was only 3 hours and no epidural taken." - Shasirekha

I wanted my son to be out earlier on the 29th of March 2010. Therefore, a few days before my expected date of delivery, I started climbing stairs every evening from the 1st storey to the 10th storey. On the 25th of March at 11pm I started to have a slight pain. I thought it was just a cramp initially. At around 3am, the pain became stronger. I still thought it was a false alarm because my water bag had not burst.

Finally, I rushed to the hospital at 4.30am as I was unable to take the excruciating pain. My midwife confirmed that I was having labour pain and from then everything went like express. My little one popped out at 7.59am on 26th March.

I am proud to say that my labour was only 3 hours long and I did not need to take epidural . Thanks to my cooperative son, encouraging hubby and also the flight of stairs which made my labour a fast and furios one!

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Tiffany Yip