My Big Surprise - Baby Dana Was WAY Bigger Than I Expected!

My Big Surprise - Baby Dana Was WAY Bigger Than I Expected!

75noaki shares her induced labour story with us...

Both my husband and I are small in size, so naturally I was a small pregnant woman. The sad part about that was that nobody gave me a seat until I was about five months along. Most people did not even know that I was pregnant from my back, until I was over seven months!

With all the worrying having my husband traveling in and out and EDD closing, the anticipation just wears me off but Baby Dana was not ready to see the world. So we decided to induce a week after the estimated delivery date.

The Induction

I Checked in at around 9 am and once my gynea, Dr. Kowa M Sing from Mt E, broke my waterbag, my contraction started. Believing that many woman had been through natural pregnancy, the superwoman in me decided that I too would say no to epidural. I Tried to distract myself from the "cramps" by watching my favorite Jacky Wu show but to no avail. I then tried to do Suduko, only to make more mistakes. And I was trying to calm my husband whom I think was more nervous than me. At 7plus I was still checking if he had eaten dinner, the nurse thought that I was insane.

Right after that the real pain kicked in. I was pushing and the nurse kept telling me to hold up, as I was not fully dilated yet. I just felt like it's coming and so continued to push. An hour later I was still pushing, but Dr Kowa thought that I was not going to make it, and thus decided to use the vacuum.

My big surprise weighing 3.965g shocked everybody. Who would think it's in my small tummy? haha.. After that i was just too tense to be stitched, so they had to put me to 'sleep' before the surgeons came in. So much for no epidural huh? But I have no regrets.

Baby Dana


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Roshni Mahtani

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