Fantastic Income Opportunity for Stay at Home Mums!

Fantastic Income Opportunity for Stay at Home Mums!

A new survey from Singapore has shown that 10% of blogshops earn above $2,000 a month! Could creating a blogshop be a viable income source for mummies?


  • –  LiveJournal blogshop transactions represent around 6% of Singapore’s forecasted e-commerce volume in 2011.
  • –  LiveJournal hosts more than 50,000 blogshops in Singapore.
  • –  Each month, 480,000 visitors come to with the intention to shop.

Fantastic Income Opportunity for Stay at Home Mums!

LiveJournal, the home of blogshopping in Singapore, today announced results from a survey done with 868 of its Singapore users. The December survey showed that close to half of its 1.2 milllion monthly users visit LiveJournal to shop.

The predominantly female users run over 50,000 blogshops selling everything from clothes and fashion accessories to delicate muffins; mostly from home.




The survey also looked into how the blogshops operate in the country. Blogshops have on average 8 transactions per month with a per-­‐item sales price of S$20. This indicates that a staggering S$8m worth of blogshop transactions flow through LiveJournal Singapore every month.

Annelies van den Belt, CEO of SUP Media, the owner of, said “we are extremely impressed with the Singapore e-­‐commerce market and are happy to drive up to S$96m of e-­‐commerce this year”.

She added that LiveJournal will launch a series of improvements to the blogshopping experience for both buyers and sellers within the next 3 months on – the new start page for Singapore.

Blogshopping is a very Singaporean phenomenon, having grown organically as a preferred way for Singapore entrepreneurs to enter into business. The survey showed that 80% of the blogshops make less than S$500 a month keeping it an attractive passive income, but not a career switch option. An astounding 10% of the blogshops earn more than $2,000 per month! The highest monthly revenue in the survey was reported at S$20,000.

Roshni Mahtani, CEO, Tickled Media Pte Ltd

Annelies van den Belt, CEO, SUP Media

Surprisingly, less than 4% of the active bloggers and blogshoppers say they use paid advertising to drive online traffic. Instead, the majority reports that they advertise for free in LiveJournal’s many forums and communities, to get attention from other users.


Roshni Mahtani, CEO of Tickled Media, the publisher of LiveJournal in the South-­‐East Asian markets, said “With the total e-­‐commerce market estimated at S$1.6 billion this year, we are proud to see that LiveJournal transactions might represent a staggering 6% of that, re-­‐affirming us as one of the largest e-­‐commerce players in Singapore.

The world is bound for an economic slowdown in 2012, but we believe blogshopping will continue to grow here as e-­‐commerce truly represents the most cost-­‐effective way to do business.”

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