Mums! To be (at home) or not to be? That is the question!

Mums! To be (at home) or not to be? That is the question!

Wish to stay at home for a while longer after being a mum or rush back to work? Here are some things to consider!

If given a choice between staying at home with your kids and heading off to work, which one would you choose?

As parents, it's our duty to jump in joy, punch the air and shout out a resounding, "Staying home!"

But is that what we really want?

We all know that being a parent is not all fun and games, and here's list of positives that will help you consider which of the two you'd rather do.

Staying at home

#1 Yoga pants

Or those comfortable shorts that will have your strait-laced boss tearing his hair out if he sees you in it. Staying at home means not having to wear those tough leather shoes, stuffy jacket or dresses- you are free to dress however you wish and for however long as you wish!

#2 Unlimited shopping time

Time to sweep off the dust on that old keyboard, and re-open the bookmarks on all your favourite shopping sites. Being at home with your kid means easy access to a computer with nobody looking from behind you to ensure that you are on the sites you are supposed to be on. Score!

#3 A lack of data-entry (or paperwork)

Your young one does not demand a logistics report on his breakfast, or an after action review on the distribution of toys to his siblings. You do not need to fill up forms in triplicate every single time you do anything. The most writing you will do is the signing of your signature as you pay for the weekly groceries from NTUC.

#4 TV (or Netflix) time

When your child is sleeping peacefully, or off at their grandparents', you will be free to jump onto that comfortable sofa and binge-watch the latest season of 'Orange is the New Black', now that Netflix is available in Singapore. Ah, bliss!

#5 More time on social media

Being at home with some time on your hands means that you will have the chance to boast about your child's exploits! Her ability to walk five steps? Instagram it. His first word? Facebook post coming right up! Besides shouting to the world about their achievements, you can find out what the rest of the world have been up to.

Convinced? How about taking a look at the flip side on the next page?

Going out to work does provide more benefits other than the obvious one of giving you more money to spend on your child or yourself.


#1 Your Boss

That hard-as-a-nail pushy superior of yours at work does not poop all over the floor and expect you to clean-up unlike the "young master" at home. If he runs over, climbs onto your lap and grab your boobs, you can sue for sexual harassment. On the other hand, he's just not as cute.

#2 Takeout

Going to work provides such a handy excuse for not having to prepare meals. Wash-up becomes a much simpler affair where you just bundle everything together, squeeze them into a spare Cold Storage plastic bag and chuck it into the bin.

#3 Conversations

As parents, we should know about issues that will send young ones screaming away in horror. Issues such as diaper disposal, poop cleanups on aisle 5 become standard topics over lunch. Heading off to work allows us to talk about cultured issues, like the latest trending cat video.

#4 Daycare

A service that allow your kids to run around screaming with other kids of his age! The trained staff even help with potty training, cleaning up and feeding, leaving you the freedom to enjoy yourself for a bit before the guilt hits and you go pick him up.

#5 Coffee

You do not need to watch the home brew slowly drip before you get a volume large enough to chug down that will wake you up. At work, you can easily get your intern to run off and grab a cup of large ice-blended mocha (no cream please), and sit back and do some work for the day.

Made up your mind? Tell us below!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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