8 fantastic ideas for married Singaporeans couples to do together

8 fantastic ideas for married Singaporeans couples to do together

Looking for ways to add a little adventure and fun into your marriage? Check out these 8 ways that's sure to bring a little spark back into your marriage!

The need to balance work, kids and social life may often result in a pretty bland marriage, especially in Singapore. Don't worry – we’ve come up with some ideas for married couples that are guaranteed to help your marriage, with kids or without.

#1 Go for a hike

Hiking is good for everyone, young and old, spiritually and physically. One of the most liked hiking places in Singapore is the MacRitchie TreeTop Walk Trail. Not only does it have different entry points so you can customise your hike, it also has a high wildlife factor that are almost always hard to miss. Also, at the treetop, a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the forest below awaits you.

#2 Volunteer

Not only are the both of you doing a good deed, volunteering is also a feel-good component. For example, animal lovers lovers can opt animal shelters like SPCA, Animal Lovers League and Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter. Spend your day bathing and walking the dogs, or helping out with the ongoing fundraising projects. For non-animal lovers, old folks’ homes and welfare homes are always a great choice.

#3 Date night

This one might get tricky if you have the little ones to attend to at home. Ask your parents or the siblings for a favour and head out to... literally anywhere. Alone time gets rare after having kids and sometimes dining at a fast food restaurant is enough to call it a good date. You can also opt for the lavish dates; a candlelight dinner by the beach with a performing live band perhaps?

#4 Game night

Unlike date night, this one’s kid-friendly. Grab the classics like Monopoly or Scrabble, sit in the middle of your living room and play while munching on chips and sipping on homemade hot chocolate. An alternative would be movie night, if you’re not really feeling the games vibes. Watch a classic Disney movie like Lion King or binge watch an old-school Singaporean sitcom like Phua Chu Kang on Toggle!

#5 Relive memories

This one’s always a fun thing to do. Where did you first meet? Where was your first date? Where did he propose? Go to all of those places and talk about the moments, the feelings and how everything around you has changed since then. A little nostalgic but always a good way to relive the spark at places where it was first created.

#6 Surprises at work

This is one of the most beneficial tips and at the same time, the most overlooked. The constant 9-6 jobs in Singapore has caused a strain in not only your social life but also your alone time with the spouse. Lunch surprises, pick-up surprises or even the little kinds, like sending them flowers or pack them lunch would certainly start and end their day right!

#7 Dress up

This is a good idea to end the day right after a long draining day at work. Get dressed in your wedding outfits or even your old school uniforms, if by some miracle, you still have them. Re-enact the memories and feelings of all those years ago with your spouse and remember to take pictures! To increase the fun factor, you can dress in each other’s clothes!

#8 Communicate

The most important ingredient of a good recipe for marriage, is communication. Spend time having conversations with your spouse, not just pointless everyday talks or discussing about problems or conflicts. Converse in different topics ranging from political, or even the emotional ones. Get opinions and ideas from the other with the goal of enjoying each other’s time and understanding each other.


Any other great ideas for couples to bond in Singapore? Share them below!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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