Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are giving us major #couplegoals and here's WHY!

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are giving us major #couplegoals and here's WHY!

Singapore's power couple is getting back together on's why Fann Wong and Christopher Lee make for such a cute couple!

They decided to never again play a couple onscreen after their marriage in 2009, but Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are back together this year, in not one, but 2 shows!

They play lovers in Channel 8 drama Doppelganger (premiering in March next year), and Chinese thriller film Yi Nian (slated to open at the end of the year). It has already been 12 years after their last drama, and 8 years after their last movie together!

So why did they decide to stop acting together? And what made them change their minds now?

At a press conference for Doppelganger, Lee has been quoted as saying, “Back then when we first got married, it felt embarrassing to act out lovey-dovey scenes, such as kissing in front of the crew and audiences. These were intimate moments that we wanted to keep to ourselves. It would be like broadcasting our life at home.”

According to Wong, “We had worked together so many times before getting married. I was worried that audiences would not be able to differentiate between the reel and real us. So we decided to stop acting together.”

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee


Now that their adorable toddler, Zed, is almost 3, the couple apparently became curious to know how married life and parenthood have impacted their chemistry on set. Lee tells 8 Days, “I feel that she (Wong) has matured a lot and become more womanly and motherly. I think it’d be nice for us to play a couple again and see what kind of chemistry we have now.”

In Wong’s words, “Now that we’re playing lovers again after I’ve become a mum, I think the audience can look forward to seeing new sparks between us on screen.”

Meanwhile, as Singapore gets ready to watch their favourite celebrity couple sizzle on screen again, here is what makes Chris and Fann so adorable as a couple:

Secure in their relationship

In the drama Doppelganger, apparently, Lee has many affairs, so one would assume Fann to get jealous and possessive, but nope, instead, she tells The New Paper, “I will constantly throw ideas for intimate scenes to the crew.”

That just shows how secure she feels in their relationship!

Hubby Chris, who knows just how much his wife trusts him, tells 8 Days, “I don’t have to ask Fann for permission when I have intimate or kissing scenes with other actresses ‘cos she trusts me. It’s just for show anyway.” 

Fann has also been quoted by 8 Days as saying, “I’m very zen. Whenever he informs me that his role requires such scenes, I have no reaction at all (laughs). I just look at him calmly and tell him: ‘Go ahead and do it’. Instead, he’s the one who’s always complaining that I don’t seem to mind or get jealous at all!”

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee


Supportive spouse

On his part, Christopher Lee seems like an awesomely supportive husband, who constantly tries to ease his wife’s worries and guilt over getting back to work leaving their toddler behind.

Apparently when they were shooting for Yi Nian in China, baby Zed, who was in Singapore then, and in Wong’s mum’s care, fell sick, and had to be admitted to hospital. Mummy Wong got all frantic with worry and she tells The New Paper, “I was so worried that I flew back and forth so that I could juggle both commitments.”

Lee had to constantly reassure her, “I told her that our son is slightly older so he can be a bit more independent. But when we were filming halfway, Fann was really not used to (his absence) and I had to keep counselling her during that period.”

In fact, so supportive is this doting hubby of his star wife’s career that, when Fann’s Taiwanese movie Packages From Daddy premiered in Singapore in December last year, Lee booked a cinema hall at Shaw Theatres Lido and invited a group of more than 70 family members and friends to the gala premiere! 

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee


Super compatible

And of course, we all know how compatible this couple is. In 2015, on ‘Let’s Go, Love’, a Chinese reality show which pits celebrity couples against one another, they were named the couple with the “Best Chemistry”.

They also loved working with each other recently, except they had a hard time controlling heir laughter! Lee reveals to 8 Days, “It can be quite challenging ‘cos we keep breaking into laughter while filming. Fann and I are too close and she’d always laugh whenever we are doing serious scenes.”

Fann has this to say, “It’s nice ‘cos I get to bully him (chuckles). When I’m tired, I’ll just lie on his shoulders and whine a little. I can’t possibly do that to other actors right?”

“It’s quite amazing how well we understand each other, and we’re able to agree on things even without verbalising our thoughts.”

We can’t wait to see all this love translate on screen soon! 

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(Source: The New Paper, 8 Days)

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