Fann Wong’s Self-Care Routine Will Change Your Perspective Of Beauty!

Fann Wong’s Self-Care Routine Will Change Your Perspective Of Beauty!

Let's check out some beauty tips from superstar mummy Fann Wong that make her look so young and fresh, even at 46!

Motherhood sure has changed actress Fann Wong’s notions of beauty. Once upon a time she had a 12-step skincare regime, and would constantly worry about her body and hair. She would go for regular facials, and use a face mask every day. And then, along came baby Zed.

Today, Fann would much rather spend time with her adorable toddler, than on complicated beauty routines. She tells The New Paper, “Outer beauty is still important because of the first impression you give others. But as I matured and got to know myself better, my self-confidence and self-assurance slowly increased as well.” 

What changed her mindset was, “When you look and feel so sloppy and sweaty after a long day, but your son still looks at you like you are the most beautiful woman on earth, that was when I realised that it was all in the eye of the beholder.”

Today, Fann prefers basic routines and simplicity when it comes to her beauty regime. Let’s check out how she manages to look so young and fresh, even at 46!

1. Opts for basics

Gone are the days of detailed routines, “I used to make do-it-yourself facials and scrubs and put on body slimming cream. But now, I don’t even apply toner. My morning and evening rituals are quite similar. I just cleanse my face, and put on moisturiser and eye cream.” 

beauty tips from Fann Wong


According to Fann, clean skin and hair is what’s important. She tells SimplyHer, “When I was young, my mother would advise me rinse my skin with water for 20 times to clean my skin. And she went on to advise me to properly cleanse off my makeup when I worked a s a model. Every now and then, I still treat my skin to 20 splashes of water.”

“Why clean hair? It doesn’t matter how clean your skin is when your hair, laden with hairstyling products, sweat and dirt, touches your face.” 

2. Values her eye care

Don’t forget to put on your eye cream though.

“Everyone will look into your eyes when they look at you, and it is even more so for us artists. Whenever we are filming, we express a lot through our eyes. Furthermore, (the area around them) has very thin skin, so we have to take care of it carefully,” Fann opines to The New Paper.

And what’s her beauty hack to concealing tired eyes? Sunglasses!

beauty tips from Fann Wong


3. Loves her lip gloss

Apparently, the one beauty product Fann can’t do without, is her lip gloss, and she makes sure to have a tube in her bag, her car and in hubby Christopher Lee’s car at all times.

4. Wears make up only when necessary

The superstar is no longer bothered about looking ‘perfect’ all the time. She tells SimplyHer, “When I’m not working, and when I bring my son out, I would not wear makeup. I don’t mind it at all. And I don’t care what other people think and say – as long as my son is happy. Sometimes I would even forget my sunglasses (to hide tired eyes).” 

“I always make sure I clean off my makeup and wash my hair before I sleep, and that my pillow case is clean.”

5. Swears by sunscreen 

This mummy also relies on the benefits of sunscreen to reduce signs of ageing like wrinkles and pigmentation. She tells SimplyHer, “I would also apply sunscreen on my body when I am filming or when I bring my son outdoors.”

6. Gorges on skin superfoods

Ultimately, healthy food, drinking enough water and regular exercise are just as vital.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Fann reveals, “I take some supplements but also load up on antioxidants. My favourites are strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I also load up on orange juice and water. And when it comes to food, I try to avoid greasy food and go for lighter options.”

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(Source: The New Paper, SimplyHer, Harper’s BAZAAR)

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