Ramadan: A family affair in Singapore

Ramadan: A family affair in Singapore

Try some of these great activities to strengthen the family bond this Ramadan.

family activities for Ramadan

Try different activities to bring your family together this month.

This holy month of Ramadan presents a great opportunity for families to bond. We share 3 family activities for Ramadan that allows you to spend more time with the family and kids as well as cultivate good habits that can be followed the entire year through.

A family that eats together stays together

During this month, Muslims eat 2 main meals a day: the sahur or pre-dawn meal and the iftar, the breaking of fast. Make it a habit to wake your child up for sahur so that the family can have breakfast together on a daily basis. During this time you can instil into your child good eating practices, such as eating fibre rich food and complex carbohydrates, as this will keep them satiated longer during the day.

Although your child might grumble at first for being woken up really early, they will soon appreciate the time spent together. After all, how often is it that a family gets to have breakfast together on a daily basis, especially if both parents are working? This relatively simple activity is one of our favourite family activities for Ramadan. Additionally, it will have your kids eating better and perhaps even cultivate better sleeping habits!

family activities for Ramadan

Shop at the bazaars with your family!

Set goals

Since Ramadan is also about becoming a better person, it’s a great idea to set not just personal goals but family goals as well. Sit down with the kids and plan what are the things you might want to accomplish as a family during the month. For example, one goal could be making it a point to do the tarawih (extra) prayers at the mosque once a week or donating food for iftar to the orphanage or old folk’s home. We believe that this is one of the great family activities for Ramadan that not only teaches your child the importance of goal setting for personal success but also for growing spiritually and emotionally as a family.

Soak up the ambiance

One of the many things that Singaporeans look forward to during this month is the Ramadan bazaar at Geylang Serai and other heartland areas, such as Woodlands and Tampines. You can take the family to this month long bazaar where they can sample the famous Ramly burger, kebabs and deng deng, a tender barbecued meat that is a favourite for many. The bazaar not only affords the opportunity for you to get your Raya shopping done, it also allows you to soak up this uniquely Singaporean cultural experience and get into the festive mood. Definitely one of the top family activities for Ramadan that every Singaporean family can partake in.

What you are planning to do as a family this Ramadan? Share with us by leaving a comment below!


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Wafa Marican

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