Chinese woman uses mobile phones too much, suffers hand paralysis

Chinese woman uses mobile phones too much, suffers hand paralysis

Your hands deserve a break, too.

Many of us by now know about the negative effects of excessive use of mobile phones. That ranges from developmental delays in children to less quality family time for parents. However, a recent case shows that excessive use of mobile phones can lead to serious physical problems, too.

Excessive use of mobile phones causes woman to suffer from hand paralysis

This October, a woman from  China took seven days of leave from work, in order “to rest”. Oddly, she didn’t use her holiday time to explore new areas or experience new things.

Instead, according to The Shanghaiist, she ended up using most of that week playing with her smartphone. The woman only stopped using the gadget in the evening every day.

It was only a matter of time until strange physical symptoms began to surface. Ultimately, the woman’s right hand felt extremely painful.

She realised that her right hand’s fingers became immovable. In fact, they had frozen in the smartphone-holding position and could not be flexed to grip things.

Worried it could be something serious, the woman visited a hospital. There, the medical professionals identified that the woman suffered from tenosynovitis.

Tenosynovitis is a condition which arises when you constantly use the same movements daily, which leads to a part of the tendon to become inflamed.

The doctor who she visited tended to her issue, and after treating her, the woman could move her hand as she used to. Before leaving, the doctor told her – and to everyone else who is addicted to mobile phones – that their hands deserve a break after excessive use of mobile phones.

Parents, please use this woman’s experience as a timely reminder about why you and your children should restrict smartphone use. 

Watch the whole incident in this video.

What can I do before visiting the doctor if I get tenosynovitis?

excessive use of mobile phones

Excessive use of mobile phones can cause tenosynovitis. One of the ways to alleviate it is to gently massage the affected area. | Image Source: Screenshot from

The main objective in treating tenosynovitis is to lessen the inflammation and hurt you are experiencing. According to Healthline, there are different ways to do this, such as by:

  • relaxing the inflamed area and not using the hand for activities that are responsible for the injury. 
  • Using a heat or cold pack could help to lessen the swollen and aching area. 
  • massaging or stretching the inflamed area 

In addition the above, your medical professional may also prescribe additional forms of treatment, like:

  • an advanced technique called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • screening via ultrasound
  • applying a brace, or splint, so that the inflamed area can’t move.
  • medicine including anti-inflammatory drugs (like ibuprofen) that can be obtained from the pharmacy. Your doctor may also recommend injectable corticosteroids, too.

After the inflammation stops, your doctor will assess its condition. They may suggest that you engage in exercise or physical therapy so that your muscle will become stronger, which can help to protect you from further injuries.

If your tenosynovitis repeats over and over again, it’s possible that you may need to undergo a surgical procedure to rectify the issue. 

References: Shanghaiist,, healthline

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