Phone obsessed mum fails to see daughter falling on train tracks

Phone obsessed mum fails to see daughter falling on train tracks

Be careful not to become too focussed on your phones, parents. Your children need you.

Ever since their development and easy accessibility, smartphones have become a daily part of our lives. Smartphones aren’t good for a kid’s focus and parents’ focus too. Parents on phones neglect their children (perhaps unintentionally), sometimes even putting their lives at risk. 

Phone-obsessed Mum does not see Child Falling on Train Tracks 

According to a local news source, on the 16th of October, a little girl fell below an immobile train in Beijing. Her mum, however, failed to notice this as she was “glued to” her mobile phone.

Security videos from cameras showed that the little girl was roughly aged four or five years old. The child was accompanied by her mum at Beijing Railway Station when the scary episode occurred. 

While attempting to get on the train, the young girl apparently fell into the gap between the platform and the train-tracks.

After her sudden fall, station staff and her mum (who didn’t see her fall as she was staring at her smartphone) went to her aid.

Once it was confirmed that the girl did not suffer from serious injuries, one of the train staff advised the mum to step away from the door. He then took out a panel from the train’s floor, making it easier to carry the little girl from below the train. Afterwards, the staff member went below the carriage, taking the distraught child out.

Videos of the horrifying event indicated that the mum’s daughter was clearly traumatised. However, she did not sustain any other injuries besides a minor bump to the head.

Netizens online who saw the incident soon faulted the mum for her apparent neglect. 

“It’s not the first time I have read this kind of news,” says one post. “I think these parents are more interested in playing with their mobile phones than tending to their kids.”

What do you think? Here’s a video of the incident in question:

Parenting tips for when parents on phones neglect kids 

When parents on phones neglect children, there can be serious consequences. Besides life-threatening accidents which are totally preventable, phones can also hamper quality time between parents and their children.  

Here are some tips for you to consider so that your smartphone won’t rob you of precious family time.

1. Declutter Your Mobile Phone

You’re likelier to use up more time on your phone if you have a lot of distracting apps and games. By uninstalling unproductive or unnecessary apps, you declutter your phone and are able to avoid those distractions. That frees up extra time for your family, instead. 

The same goes for your child’s phone. A couple of games are okay, but if they have a wide selection of games, you might want to uninstall a few.

2. Set Aside a Place to Store Your Phone

Finding a “home” for your phone, like a drawer or box makes it easier for doing a “digital detox.” It’s easier to resist the temptation of using your phone if it’s not so close or visible to you. 

parents on phones neglect

Parents on phones neglect their kids – especially when texting. Consider calling instead. | Image Source: Stock Photo

3. Don’t text – Call

Text messages are convenient, but they can also take up a lot of your time. Voice calls are much better since it’s easier to communicate in a call, and you spend less time on your phone.

Avoiding texts is a great way to wean yourself or your kids off a smartphone addiction.

Parents, we hope that this article detailing when parents on phones neglect their kids – and the tips to prevent incidents like this have helped you build better relationships with your kids. 

References: South China Morning Post, youtube

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