Toddler’s Accident Shows Why You Should Never Leave Kids Alone In Malls

Toddler’s Accident Shows Why You Should Never Leave Kids Alone In Malls

A toddler in China injured his hand after getting stuck in an escalator. This frightening incident shows why you should never leave your kid alone in malls.

The fact that malls can be dangerous places for kids goes without saying. But sadly, despite the many safety warnings, accidents still happen. One recent incident happened in China’s Guizhou province and it’s further emphasising horrible escalator dangers parents need to know about. 

*You can watch the CCTV footage further down in the article. But please note the contents are distressing. 

Toddler’s Freak Accident Highlights Escalator Dangers that Should Not Be Overlooked

escalator dangers

The toddler, who was reportedly unaccompanied, got into a freak accident that shows escalator dangers should not be taken lightly! | Screenshot: MSN Video

Based on CCTV footage, the child had lain down on the escalator steps as it was moving upwards, as another child stood on the steps. As they reached the top, it appears the child’s hand got stuck in the “combs,” or the place where the escalator steps vanish into the floor. 

escalator dangers

A woman, who appears to be part of mall security that guards against escalator dangers, came to the toddler’s aid just in time! | Screenshot: MSN Video

The startling footage shows the other child and shoppers trying to save the toddler. After a few seconds, a woman who appears to be part of mall security shuts the escalator off, freeing the child. In the footage, it appears the child’s hand is bleeding heavily. 

It’s a good thing the woman acted quickly! As of this writing, there is no news as to the condition of the child, but thankfully, it seems the little one was saved just in time!

Warning: The video below may be too graphic for some viewers. 

Escalator Dangers All Mums and Dads Should Know About  

This is not the first accident that stresses the importance of preventing escalator dangers. Just late last year in a mall in the Philippines, a little girl’s hair got stuck in an escalator.

And just recently, a mum and dad tried to take a selfie on the escalator with their baby. The mum lost her balance and dropped the baby several floors down. The baby didn’t make it

escalator dangers

All mums and dads should remain vigilant in malls so escalator dangers can be prevented! | Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Before your child gets on the escalator, check their shoes and clothing. 

Check if there are any loose laces on their shoes or strings on their clothes that could easily get caught in the escalator.

As much as possible, avoid dressing your child in plastic shoes, like Crocs, when going to malls. Any type of footwear that could easily wedge itself into plates and combs can be a hazard. 

2. Do not let go of your child’s hand.

Don’t just hold on to them when boarding and alighting. Make sure to hold them throughout and that they face forward and stand in the centre. Watch them closely throughout the ride. 

3. No playing on the escalator.

Make sure they know that the escalator is not a playground — no jumping, sitting, or fiddling with the steps.

4. If your child is in a stroller, choose an elevator.

Even if you’re in a hurry, safety should be top priority. Tilting a stroller in an escalator while your child is in it, or carrying your small baby could be dangerous, as past accidents have shown. 

5. Carry your kids if needed.

Remember that your toddler is still developing the coordination and developmental skills needed to safely board and get off escalators. 

6. Remember that the ‘combs’ can be dangerous.

Even the smallest gap could entrap your little one’s fingers and toes. It’s best to step over them each and every time. 

7. Make way for those who are in a hurry.

These days, most escalators have two lanes — for standing and walking — but this might be dangerous for kids. So it’s best to stand side by side in the middle of the step, while making way for those who’d rather walk than stand on the escalator. 

Do you have other safety tips for parents? Do share them in the comments below to help other mums and dads keep their kids safe.


Sources: NZ Herald, MSN News

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