5 Emotions mummies feel when their firstborn starts school

5 Emotions mummies feel when their firstborn starts school

Admit it, Mommy! The "feels" are real!

For many children around the world, this time of year means one thing: back to school!

Now, we're aware that different schools and different regions begin the school year at different times. That means that your eager to learn little youngster may have already enrolled in his new school year, or has yet to head back to the classroom. In any case, parents are always sure to feel the same when their firstborn heads to school for the very first time.

emotions mommies feel when their firstborn starts school

Some kids start preschool younger, some start older. Some skip preschool all together and head straight to kindergarten, but either way you slice the pie...the emotions are very, very real when your kiddos are off to school!

Check out these incredibly accurate feelings you felt (or will feel) when your firstborn embarks on their educational endeavors:

1. Excitement

It's not all about the waterworks and teary eyes, mums. Whether you;d care to admit it or not, when your firstborn was off to school for the very first time, you were excited for a number of reasons. You were excited because you did your job as a parent. You were excited that your child is embracing the next step in their development. And last but not least,you were excited because you knew that for just a few hours, you get to focus on you! SCORE!


The feels are real! Check out the rest of the list of emotions mums feel when their firstborn starts school by clicking next for more!


2. Sadness

Okay, now back to the real feels. Watching your precious little angel go off to school--without Mummy--is sure to make the tears start shedding from eyes like torrential downpour. You probably know it's just another part of life, but it still cuts deep to see your baby boy or girl growing up right before your eyes.


3. Fear

Sure you probably reveled int he excitement for a good minute or so...and then a bit of fear struck you. You began to think about what could go wrong during their first day of school. The safety of your child was at stake. The fear that they might be looking for you. The fear that they aren;t ready for school...it all hits you like a bus. Then you remember that all is well, and they'll be just fine without you for a few hours. Heck, they're probably having fun.

emotions mommies feel when their firstborn starts school

4. Anxiety

As with fear, the lingering negative thoughts in the back of your head until the culminate in a heaping pile of anxiety. Should I join the PTA? Should we do extracurricular activities? Did I pack an adequate, healthy lunch? Am I bad mum?

Pump the brakes, Mummy. You're a great mum. You're just having a minor "mummy anxiety attack".


5. Relief

You've done a fantastic job of raising your child up to this point. And, as much as you want to shelter your little one from the world, you know that they're better off taking life by the horns and learning from other sources. The good news is that you can bask in the overwhelming relief that you aren't the sole person responsible for your child's education. That job is now in the hands of a series of credible educators...ahhh. Now you can just sit back and watch your kids work hard, and grow smarter by the day.


This article was inspired by piece originally shared by Pop Sugar.

Republished with permission from: theAsianparent Philippines


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