14 effective methods for soothing your crying baby

14 effective methods for soothing your crying baby

14 mommies shared their best tip for soothing a crying baby! Which mom-approved method will work best for your baby?

Parents, let's face it: babies are going to cry whether you like it or not. Even worse, you're going to be left wondering why they're crying to begin with. Whether your little bundle of joy is hungry, tired, cranky, teething, or in need of a diaper change, you can expect a barrage of crying and fussiness.

So what's a parent to do about the inevitable bouts of crying their babies experience? Is there any way to help soothe our infants?

Well...unfortunately, every baby is different. So, there's really not a one size fits all solution to a baby's crying woes. Luckily, Alex Richards, mommy and head honcho of the blog site AlexRichards.org, rounded up 14 different methods from 14 different moms!

With that many different sources, you're bound to find the perfect remedy for your crying baby! 

Soothing your crying baby

1. Deep lunges or squats

Not only are these workouts great for your glutes... they're great for your baby. Hold your baby upright against your chest while doing deep lunges or squats to help rock them to sleep while sculpting your glutes. Sounds like a win-win.

Soothing Your Crying Baby

2. Baby stretches

A gas build-up could very well be the issue at play with your crying baby. Try utilizing a bicycle motion with their legs, tucking legs toward and gently pulling away from tummy to alleviate some of the pressure.

3. Keys

Babies are generally fascinated by these shiny, jingling noisemakers. Try distracting your baby playfully dangling these around them and see if that eases their minds.

4. Fresh air

Just like you, mom and dad, babies can also benefit from taking a minute outside to breathe in some fresh air. Try talking your crying baby on a quick stroll outside to see if a change of scenery and fresh air helps them cool off.

5. Musical toys

If you have a toy that plays soft, soothing lullabies, you might want to try to get your crying baby to play with them when they're having a fit.

Soothing Your Crying Baby

6. Toy security blanket

Some babies like to cuddle up with security blankets that have toys attached to them. If you think your baby just needs to feel warm, and cozy, try giving them their source of warmth and coziness (i.e. security blanket)

7. Rock and sway

Most moms recognise that rocking and swaying their baby is a great way to soothe a crying baby. It may seem a bit too easy, or cliche, but it's tried and tested!

8. Distracting sounds

As with the keys, the idea here is to distract your baby from what's bothering them. Try some illy noises with your mouth or toys with goofy sounds. Whatever diverts their attention, try it put; it could be the key to calming them down.

9. Bright lights

You may be starting to see a trend here, but bright lights – akin to keys, and sounds – are intended to distract your baby. Try things like flicking the room lights on and off to entertain them.

10. Singing and/or dancing

At some point in parenthood, you knew you'd have to do some singing and dancing... why not make that time now. It can bring a smile to your baby's face or just calm them down all together.

11. Relaxing bath

Sometimes a calming, soothing bath can do the same wonders it does for you for your baby. Try running a bath for your baby, and do a little splashing to try and calm them down. It's relaxing, and sometimes the right amount of fun they need.

Soothing Your Crying Baby

12. "The 5 S's" method

  • Swaddle (tight)
  • Side or Stomach (lay baby down, but never unattended)
  • Shush (white noise or the vacuum)
  • Swinging (rhythmic yet gentle shaky movements)
  • Suck (on a boob, pacifier, or finger)

13. Finding the perfect holding

Some mothers say it's all about the proper hold and how much your baby enjoys it. Some recommendations:

  • Football hold – lay baby face down along your forearm (legs strattling the yur elbow crease) to alleviate pressure on the stomach
  • Facing out hold – let one arm be your baby’s seat, and the other arm be her seatbelt, and let your baby look out at the world
  • Chest hold – hold your baby vertically against your chest, very close to your heart (or cheek)

14. Take a break

Sounds like a cop out, sure. But sometimes the problem isn't them--it's you! Try putting baby in the crib for a bit and take a minute to gather yourself mentally and physically. Then, try again!


Alex Richards' original post was first published by Momtastic

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