Earth Hour: 5 activities for you and your family

Earth Hour: 5 activities for you and your family

Help make your family's Earth Day 2016 de-light-ful!

With Earth Hour 2016 starting tomorrow night (March 19, 8:30PM - 9:30PM), you may be thinking of things to do with your family that don’t involve gadgets, tech, or anything that sucks up power.

Green minded readers, look further because we’ve crafted a list of fun activities that the whole family can enjoy during Earth Hour.

Check out our list of eco-friendly family activities:

1. Board Games/Card Games

board games 1

Take your family back to a simpler time when Yahtzee and Monopoly were a family's source of fun! Kick it old school and play some great family-friendly board games! If you're not a fan of board games or don't have any, try playing some classic card games. There are tons of easy to play card games that are perfect for the family to enjoy sans electricity.


2. Fun with flashlights

shadow puppets

Flashlights aren't only for safety, parents. They can also be a great source of fun and entertainment. Try making some fun and silly shadow puppets. You can also start a fun and engaging round of flashlight tag. Either way, you're bound to have some battery powered family fun!


3. Candlelit Dinner

candle lit

Have a relaxing, peaceful candlelit dinner with your family and friends. Have dinner prepared and ready to go before 8:30PM and get ready for a dining experience that will knock your lights out!


4. Go for a walk

night walk

Take your family on a tranquil walk around your village or neighbourhood. The family gets exercise, plus you'll get a chance to bond with them! Take your time to stroll the streets and enjoy the peacefulness of an electricity free city while you can.


5. Eat some ice cream

ice cream

We saved the best for last! This is a great way to get your kids excited about Earth Hour. Your freezer will be turned off for an hour anyway. You might as well put that ice cream to good use and enjoy it with your entire family!


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