What makes Dulux Wash and Wear the perfect "KidProof" paint?

What makes Dulux Wash and Wear the perfect "KidProof" paint?

Check out mummy blogger Beverly Burgess' home makeover with Dulux Wash & Wear paint right here.

When we did a full tear-down-and-build-back-up renovation of our new home, we knew that one of our focal points would be the paintwork. A thoughtfully designed colour scheme can transform the room(s) in a home, and we were eager to let our new home’s beauty shine through the paintwork.

dulux wash and wear

Colour pencils ready?

Now, here comes our main concern: The (very real) possibility of our 2-year-old and 3-year-old, armed with colour pencils, running through our home! The thought of this is all that’s needed to trigger a heart attack in any parent.

It was for this reason that Dulux Wash and Wear paint with KidProof Technology™ became our one and only solution to ensure our new home does not suffer the aftermath of tantrums and breakdowns (by us parents) when the inevitable happens – a kid scrawling all over our beautiful walls!

Dulux Wash & Wear’s protective KidProof Technology™

The premise of Dulux Wash & Wear paint is simple – they understand that kids will be kids, but at least with this on our walls, we get an invisible protective layer (better known as “KidProof” Technology™) that resists and repels tough stains. This simply means that horror spills of sauces, juices, ice cream, pencil marks etc are a thing of the past. As the technology prevents stains from deeply penetrating into the paint film, spills and marks can be easily wiped away.

dulux wash and wear

Kids excited when they were asked to draw over the newly-painted Dulux Wash and Wear wall!

Dulux Wash & Wear paint comes in a myriad of bright colours, suitable for  jazzing up your kids’ bedrooms. We selected a crisp white wall, which contrasted beautifully against the peacock blue ceiling:

But the proof is in the pudding, right?

I admit, I was pretty excited to see this paint in action! My kids couldn’t BELIEVE their ears and eyes when I handed over some colour pencils and told them to go ahead and draw on their lovely clean white walls…….

Well, the very sight of this is probably enough to make any home owner FREAK OUT! I totally did! But after I left it for a little while to let the colour pencil marks SETTLE IN, I got out a damp cloth and wiped over it.

dulux wash and wear

The colour pencil stains came off nicely from the wall painted with Dulux Wash and Wear!

Amazingly, the stains were gone right away!

dulux wash and wear

Even my kids helped out with the cleaning up.

I heaved a HUGE sigh of relief. It’s pretty cool knowing that even if the kids scribble on the walls, I’ll be able to wipe them clean, instead of forking out cash to get my walls re-painted. One less thing to yell at them about, right?

You can check out a video of it in action here:

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Personally, I think Dulux Wash & Wear paint is an excellent solution if you want to freshen up your paint work for Christmas or Chinese New Year, or if you’re just keen to give your room a refreshing makeover with bright, new colours.

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dulux wash and wear

Dulux Wash and Wear: Let the scribbling begin!

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Have fun playing with colours!

This review was written by mummy blogger Beverly Burgess of  http://www.beverlys.net/blog.

Have you used the Dulux Wash & Wear paint to give your home a fresh makeover? Let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below!

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