Decorating a Girl's Room

Decorating a Girl's Room

Your daughter's room will be her nest for daydreaming, spinning tales of wonder and romance. Here are some ideas to transform the room into a paradise for fairies.

I'm decorating my girl's room and I am wondering if there is a specific design or theme for girls? I don't want to break any “rules”!

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There are no specific design rules for either sexes, so let your creativity flow! Of course there are some commonly known traditional designs for girls. These include princess, fairy and flower themes. However, individual tastes and characters will have to be considered for your girl’s room.

Over here at Piccolo House, we do have customers who request for a “Cow Girl” room, “Mermaid” room, “Hawaiian room”. Try to explore various concepts and themes with your child and work with her preferred theme design.

Another option would be to play with her favourite colours instead of creating a theme for her. One example is having a refreshing green wall with stylised waves and bubbly circles, together with playful furniture, to create a simple yet personal setting that is pleasing on the eye.

The great thing of going for a concept like this is that it's probably a design which the whole family will be comfortable with and something that she will never out-grow.

But whatever you choose for decorating, just remember that the toys and furnishings of childhood leave lasting impressions, so make them good ones!

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