Why daughter's sexuality not a surprise to Johnny Depp

Why daughter's sexuality not a surprise to Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is proud of the tight relationship he has with daughter Lily-Rose Depp, and knew about her sexuality before she came out to the public.

When Lily-Rose Depp came out as being bisexual, the public was caught by surprise.

But not father Johnny Depp.

Johnny told Daily Mail, "I already knew because she tells me everything—she’s not afraid to say anything to me. We’re super-tight and I’m very proud of our relationship."

The young model's sexuality was made known to fans via her friend's—iO Tillett Wright—Instagram account. The 16-year-old posed for Self Evident Truths, a project featuring LGBTQI individuals.


Johnny adds, "And, whatever she is doing, if she needs any advice, I’m there for her. Kids are going to make their own decisions, but I guess that the only thing you can do as a parent is to offer support. And I do."

If anything, the only thing the heart-throb is worried about is how his daughter is growing up quickly as she advances in her modelling and acting career. He admits that he never had any expectations about Lily-Rose becoming an actress, but it is her own passion. Johnny also acknowledges that she is good at what she does, saying that "she can certainly deliver".

And deliver she does, having been in two films and looking stunning as she models for both Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

"What’s happening to Lily-Rose is something that I didn’t expect to happen this early, that’s for sure! It’s such a funny thing when you see your daughter transitioning from your baby, your little girl, to suddenly being a young woman," confesses the dad.


Lead image credit: Lily-Rose Depp Instagram

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