Watch: Clever daddy uses hula hoop to help his baby boy to walk!

Watch: Clever daddy uses hula hoop to help his baby boy to walk!

We love dad hacks and you have to see how this inventive dad uses a simple method to help his little boy walk.

What's cuter than a mum hack? A dad hack! There's something really endearing about fathers getting creative with their little ones in order to teach them the ways of the world, or solve a parenting problem

So when we came across daddy Gerry Bell's clever hack, we just had to share it with you.

A baby's first steps are always a memorable occasion in more ways than one. They mark a huge milestone in terms of development, but baby's first wobbly steps are just so adorable to watch, too. 

As with all new experiences, a little trial and error is also involved in walking for the first time. When it comes to first steps, this may involve lots of falling down - ouch!

Gerry noticed this and devised a clever little plan with the help of a hula hoop to help his baby boy walk! It's pretty simple: he holds the hula hoop, baby grabs on to the bottom of the ring, and walks!

Watch this super cute video now: 

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