Dad Hacks You Have to See to Believe!

Dad Hacks You Have to See to Believe!

There's no one solution to any one problem. Unique problems need creative solutions so when put to the test, these fathers created dad hacks that pass the challenging tests of parenthood with flying colors.

Mums are known for planning everything to the last detail. Meanwhile, Dads are known for improvising so it’s no surprise that there’s a tonne of photos out there that celebrate dad hacks.

Dads can be both clueless and ingenious, and sometimes lazy—which can be a good thing! Some of our best innovations came from the idea that maybe we can do something less and in an easier way.

Recently, the #dadhacks hashtag trended on Instagram showcasing the best and funniest ways that fathers around the world accomplished daily parenting problems. Let’s celebrate their weird, brilliant, wacky ways with these brilliant photos of dad hacks!

1. Dad hacks include multitasking!

This dad begs to differ. You can have quality time with the kids and quality time with a glass of beer. Why not do both?

2. Raise your pants!

When all everything’s in the wash, this dad decided to dress his baby in too-big pants that doubled up as an ingenious swaddle!

3. No touchy

When the babies can’t stop messing with each other, what do you? Well, you put a wall between them. Simple.


THIS!!! #dadhack #parenting #stoptouchingme #keepyourhandstoyourself

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4. Can’t get the bed out of the kid

When you can’t bring the kid out of bed, why not bring the bed with the kid? 

5. Kid priorities

What better way to show your kids when it’s time to do homework, play, eat, and go to bed, than a handy visual made with crayons? This dad hack is pretty brilliant, we think!

6. Ultimate Golf Baby Caddy 3000 Deluxe

Need to juggle parenting and golfing? Say no more, fam. One dad’s dad hack was turning a baby stroller into a caddy. Honestly, it looks badass.

Dad Hacks You Have to See to Believe!

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7. Sinker or floater? Definitely floater

Bathing babies are tricky—they’re slippery and they just can’t stay put. But bathing twins? Well, one dad made one brilliant dad hack out of bath floaties. Check it out!



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8. Behold…the sand tent!

Sandpits are fun, but you know what’s not fun? Playing in under a hot sun or torrential rain. One dad hack brilliantly fused the fun sandpit with the useful tent. You can play in any weather and you can keep the sand (and your kids) nice, dry, and clean!

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9. Bananas are also just big yellow tasty fingers

Sometimes we kinda wish we have more hands so we can do more things simultaneously. This dad hack uses a delicious and creative approach to the problem.


Are you tired of cleaning your child’s crayon drawings on the walls? This dad hack has a logical and creative solution to that problem: give em a (small) room to play with! Give them a box!

Got any dad hacks of your own? Share them with us or drop a photo in the comments! 

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Dad Hacks You Have to See to Believe!

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