Dad burns daughter, 3, in fire

Dad burns daughter, 3, in fire

Niu Niu, 3, is completely disfigured and her hands are not functioning. Her future will never be the same; her face…barely recognizable. Singeing the flesh of your flesh, literally speaking, is no way to deal with a problem. Why should an innocent child suffer due to the faults of the parents?

Dad burns daughter, 3, in fireWhy do children get the brunt of fights between parents sometimes? It’s one thing that kids get emotionally scarred due to harsh words hurled between parents who are supposed to love each other but physical abuse is simply NOT acceptable. Take it up with the spouse—deal with it the adult way.

Once again a demented father takes his anger towards his wife out on his innocent daughter. A man from China somehow thought that it was a brilliant idea to pour kerosene all over his daughter. It did not end there; it wasn’t just a threat.  The man went on to set his 3-year-old daughter on fire!

Dad was all fired-up

All this inhumane abuse was due to the man’s argument with his estranged wife.  Cao Xiaoming, the father, had a raging dispute with his wife, Xiao Juan, over divorcing him.

Xiao Juan wanted out of the marriage because of her hubby’s horrible temper, violent behaviour and insatiable gambling habits. She also claimed that she got beatings during their squabbles --stools and sticks were used.

She exposed: "Whenever he runs out of money, he'll call me, and if I don't give it to him, I'll be beaten.”

Her entire salary will be given to her abusive husband but he did not care for her and Niu Niu. It was so bad that mother and child sometimes went without food to eat.

Burnt almost to a crisp

ChinaSmack, a Chinese site has reported that the toddler is suffering from burns on 14% of her little body. The damage is severe as you can see on the image. There are third-degree burns on her body as well, and it makes up about 2.5% of the damage. The rest are second degree burns.

Just to give you an idea of how severe it is, third degree burns are considered to be a full thickness burn, meaning the outer layer of skin (epidermis) is destroyed as well as the entire layer beneath (dermis). We cannot even begin to fathom how much pain the little girl had to endure—through no fault of her own.

The toddler, Niu Niu, is now completely disfigured and her hands cannot function in a normal manner. Her future will never be the same; her face…barely recognizable.
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