Dad dumps toddler in toilet!

Dad dumps toddler in toilet!

We have heard about mums abandoning their babies but here’s a slight twist to the story—a dad abducts his own two-year-old only to leave her crying in the toilet. Find out what caused such an outrageous act…

Toilet bowl Father dumps toddler in toilet bowl

As reported by Sin Chew Daily, a father deliberately dumped his two-year-old daughter in a shopping mall toilet in Melacca. What real father would actually do that? And the reason for this obnoxious behaviour is the fact that he wanted to break his wife’s heart. Seriously, that was the documented reason.

Well, if you look at this case, you’ll see that the man was only 23-years-old. Sure, age is not an excuse to abandon your child just to spite your spouse, but it just proves his lack of maturity. Which brings us to the question, what is a good age for people to be parents?

At what age can one be responsible enough to care for another life without being selfish? It really depends because every one is exposed to different experiences in life that would build their character and sense of responsibility.

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The father actually took his own daughter away from their house in Johor Baru without the knowledge of his young 21-year-old wife. All this went down after a squabble session on the 5th of November. The details of the argument were not disclosed but it had to be pretty nasty to trigger such a drastic reaction from the father.

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It was reported that the father took a bus to Malacca just to abandon his daughter in the toilet. Thank goodness his deed was caught on the CCTV found in the shopping mall.

The little girl did put up a fight and was crying for help in the toilet. Luckily, she was discovered by a sales assistant that happened to be at the right place, at the right time. This irresponsible father has been arrested by the police.

If you see an abandoned child or suspect that a kid is being abused or neglected, check out Singapore's Abuse Outreach Program.

Question: What was the most irresponsible thing you have done to get back at your spouse after an argument?

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