Curaxia is giving 10 lucky winners a twin pack of Omega-3 supplements worth $140 each!

Curaxia is giving 10 lucky winners a twin pack of Omega-3 supplements worth $140 each!

Curaxia’s brand of WHC fish oils contain the highest and purest concentration of Omega-3. WHC is ranked #1 in quality by the independent supplements watchdogs: International Fish Oil Standards Program and Labdoor.

What you need to know about Omega-3 fish oils?
Fish oils contain many health benefits to optimize our body’s functions; as humans we can only get omega-3 nutrition through consuming fish or taking fish oil supplements. With supplements the benefits are only seen when the quality and concentration of fish oil is high and pure.

When choosing a brand of fish oil, one has to consider: the concentration of omega-3, as well as the stability and contaminants in the oil:
Curaxia’s WHC Omega-3 fish oil formula is truly potent and effective: 1 soft gel of UnoCardio for adults contains 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids - a truly concentration formula. While contaminants exist in our environment and therefore exist in all fish oil supplements it is necessary to choose a supplements with the least amounts of contaminants. WHC is ranked #1 in potency, quality and freshness by International Fish Oil Standards Program. The stability refers to the freshness of the oil, Curaxia ensures the freshness of the oil by packing the soft-gels in individually sealed in blister packs to reduce the exposure to oxygen.
Less oxygen equals less oxidation which leads to an increase in freshness.

WHC was created with the goal of being the Omega-3 supplement with the highest possible quality, that is pure and the safest to consume.

We can all benefit from consuming Omega-3 oils to support our heart, brain, eye and skin health. Curaxia is giving 10 lucky winners each a twin pack consisting of UnoCardio (Omega-3 for adults) QuattrO3+PS (Omega-3 for children 3-14 years old) to keep you and your child healthy.

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