Christmas jingle from theAsianparent

Christmas jingle from theAsianparent

Here is a Christmas greeting from us to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Christmas jingle from theAsianparentJingle Bells, your baby smells.

He refuses to have a bath.

He screams and shouts and bites and yells

And you scream, why is parenting so tough!


Jingle Bells, the husband’s back

He never ever helps.

He sits back on the couch

You scream at him that you should have married Jack!


Silly rhymes for silly rhymes sake, remember, no matter how stressed out you are, Christmas is a time of love, giving, sacrifices and joy. We soak in the warmth and affection when we gather with our beloved families and friends this festive season. Take one step back and recall all the things that we should be thankful for this Christmas.



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Written by

Sean Foo

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