Choosing the Best Enrichment Class Based on Your Child's Personality

Choosing the Best Enrichment Class Based on Your Child's Personality

Is your child a social butterfly, a gentle soul, a busy bumblebee, or a pint-sized perfectionist? Here's a helpful guide on how to choose the right enrichment classes for your child's energy type and personality!

No two children are alike (even if they are twins!) especially when it comes to their personal interests and ability to learn.

If your older daughter plays the violin beautifully but your son’s musical attempts are far from perfect, don’t worry because there is absolutely nothing wrong with him — perhaps playing music is just not the right choice for him?

Even adults have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s not fair to expect all children to possess the same exact skills and talents and to excel in the same areas.

According to the Child Whisperer, Carol Tuttle, who is also a teacher, speaker and bestselling author, there are 4 energy types of children and by knowing your child’s personality or “energy type”, this can help give you a clue on how to effectively parent your kid, while raising him to be happy, successful and cooperative.

So how do your determine what’s your child’s energy type and what sort of enrichment classes you should sign him up for which are the best fit to help his natural talents shine?

Identify your child’s personality and true nature

Once you have discovered your little one’s energy type, it will be easier for you to better understand the hidden messages behind his behaviour, what his worries are and all of his motivations.

Here’s a guide to the 4 Energy Types for you to figure out which category your child falls under and what are the best kinds of enrichment classes he will most likely enjoy:

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Type 1 children are social butterflies!


Type 1 – The Fun-Loving Child

This social butterfly usually appears to be bouncy and random in his movements and always has a twinkle in his eyes.

He is friendly, animated in his facial expressions, talkative, bright, light-hearted and is quick to engage socially with people he doesn’t even know — although at times he might be judged as flighty, hyperactive and unreliable.

Type 1 children will rebel if they feel overly controlled, have had too much alone time, or something in their life is too serious. The Fun-Loving Child’s primary need is to have fun, and also have happy parents who facilitates a friendship with him.

Suggested enrichment classes: Anything in small or large group settings with lots of friends which allows him to express himself, such as Public Speaking, Acting/ Speech & Drama, Musical Theatre, Language (Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, English, etc), Dance (Hip Hop, K-Pop, Bellydancing), Modelling, Vocal/ Singing, Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art), and Storytelling.

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Type 2 children are sensitive souls

Type 2 – The Sensitive Child

A Type 2 child is calm, subtle, thoughtful, peaceful and is in tune with his emotions. He takes things at a slower pace and usually has a softer voice, but is sometimes perceived as shy, wimpy or hypersensitive.

This gentle soul needs his feelings to be acknowledged and also be connected to his family.

If he does start to whine and act up, this is probably because he’s frustrated that he’s not being heard or feels dismissed, or something in his life feels too intense — so he just needs some reassurance from you and also needs to learn how to manage his feelings in a healthy way.

Suggested enrichment classes: Something in calm, peaceful or even natural settings that is either in smaller groups or private one-on-one sessions will make him feel comfortable, like Art (Painting, Sketching, Drawing, Sculpting, Clay-Making), Music (Violin, Piano, Guitar, Cello), Swimming, Book Club, Yoga, Ballet, Reading, Arts & Craft, Baking, Creative Writing, Sewing, and Ice-Skating.

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Type 3 children are busy bumblebees!

Type 3 – The Determined Child

Your active and physical little go-getter just might be a Type 3 Child who is usually quite persistent, energetic and always busy! He thrives on new experiences and also by receiving lots of support from his parents.

This busy bumblebee is physically oriented, can usually be seen zipping about and is also described as very determined.

Often judged as pushy, demanding or loud, the Determined Child is actually just independent and strong-willed, so if he’s having a tantrum it could just mean that he’s lacking physical outlets, has been told “no” far too often as of late, or feels that something in his life is too stifling.

Suggested enrichment classes: Let him thrive by taking part in physical and competitive activities with lots of his peers or do group projects that require building, so he can have a good outlet to channel all of his determination and energy! This can include Sports (Rugby, Football, Tennis, Baseball, Competitive Swimming), Drums, Break-Dance, Gymnastics, Parkour, Fitness, Trampoline, Rock-Climbing, Skate-Boarding, and Rollerblading.

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Type 4 children are pint-sized perfectionists

Type 4 – The More Serious Child

If your kid seems to be quite mature for his age, is straightforward, efficient, analytical and has a more serious nature, then he could be a Type 4 child.

He wants to be respected but also politely gives respect to others, is very independent and likes to feel (and behave) like a grown up, however he could also be seen as critical and a bit of a know-it-all.

If your pint-sized perfectionist does not feel respected, or needs more time to reflect, focus and feel balanced, or is embarrassed about something in his life, then he might display negative behaviour.

Suggested enrichment classes: Allow your logical-thinker to join programmes where he can focus on something, and ideally in one-on-one sessions or something that requires less interaction with others, like Archery, Martial Arts (Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Silat), Cooking, Computer (Coding, Programming), Golf, Watercolour Painting, Badminton, Science, Maths, Abacus, and Robot-Building.


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Essence of Chicken can help with your child’s mental and physical development

Prepare your child for everyday

Now that you have determined which enrichment classes are the most suitable for your little one based on his personality, he will be happier participating in all those fun activities!

But before he joins his first class, it is important that he also gets enough nutrients in his daily diet to support his mental and physical development so that he can perform to his full potential.

According to Dr Han Wee Meng, Head and Senior Principal Dietitian at the Nutrition and Dietetics Department KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), it is crucial that your child gets enough protein, calcium, iron and vitamins during his growing years to support his growth and development.

BRANDS® AlphaMynd Essence of Chicken For Children has many health benefits, contains concentrated amounts of proteins, amino acids and peptides such as L-Carnosine, and is believed to increase the qualities of mental and physical health.

It has been specially formulated from an extract of fine quality chicken, is fat-free, does not contain preservatives, is easily digestible and suitable for children 2 to 12 years old.

AlphaMynd Essence of Chicken comes with either Vitamin B Complex which will boost your child’s mental alertness and concentration; or with premium grade Lycium (Wolfberries) to help improve his eyesight.

Once you have figured out your child’s energy type and have also given him all the emotional and physical support he needs, he will be fully prepared to go for all the enrichment classes that are best suited for him!

Which of the 4 Energy Types does your child have? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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