5 Amazing Ways How Essence Of Chicken Benefits You And Your Kids

5 Amazing Ways How Essence Of Chicken Benefits You And Your Kids

You've probably heard that Essence of Chicken is good for your health -- but what exactly are the benefits for you and your whole family?

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How can Essence of Chicken benefit your whole family?

We’ve all heard how Essence of Chicken is good for our health and it is widely taken in some Asian countries as a kind of traditional remedy and health supplement.

Children are encouraged to take it during their exam periods, it is given as a gift to new mothers, parents add it as an ingredient to their home-cooked dishes, and some just take it daily for their general well-being.

So what exactly are the health benefits of Essence of Chicken? And why is good for you and your whole family?

1. Combats mental fatigue

5 Amazing Ways How Essence Of Chicken Benefits You And Your Kids

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Sitting hours in front of a computer everyday at the office, attending long meetings at the office, studying all night for an important exam in school — all these tasks will eventually take a toll on your mind and body as you experience mental fatigue.

The symptoms of mental fatigue include:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty in solving problems
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability with others
  • Loss of passion for work or hobbies
  • Sleeplessness
  • Confusion or frustration triggered by problem-solving tasks (like simple math)

Essence of Chicken is said to help reduce tiredness and improves concentration and a study has shown that by consuming it daily, it will boost our recovery from mental fatigue and is recognised as a promising candidate as an anti-fatigue food.


2. Regulates blood sugar level

Diabetes is the 10th leading cause of death in Singapore and in 2013 it was reported that there were 400,000 diabetics in the country.

Although there is no cure for this lifelong disease, it can however be controlled by following a proper diet, maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise, and monitoring and control of blood sugar level.

A team of scientists from the Institute for Protein Research at Osaka University found that Essence of Chicken can actually reduce hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level) and that it contains L-Carnosine which helps to regulate blood sugar levels.


3. Improves mood

The daily grind of work, doing household chores, running errands and other factors in life might bring you down at times and affect your mood.

If you find yourself losing your patience and getting snappy at your kids over every little thing, you could do with a quick pick-me-up to your health and mood.

Research has shown that Essence of Chicken could have beneficial effects on your cognitive functions, helps to decrease anxiety and leads to increased alertness.

As compared to homemade traditional chicken soup, Essence of Chicken contains concentrated amounts of proteins, amino acids and peptides such as L-Carnosine, and is believed to increase the qualities of mental and physical health.


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A good diet of brain foods such as Essence of Chicken will improve your child’s brain growth


4. Brain food to support kids’ brain development

If you want your little one to do well in school and reach his full potential, then it is also important that he has a good diet and gets proper nutrition.

Bethany Thayer, MS, RD, a Detroit nutritionist and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association (ADA) explains that the brain is a very hungry organ which absorbs nutrients from the food that we eat.

“Give the body junk food, and the brain is certainly going to suffer”, she says.

Your growing child needs many types of essential nutrients for his development and it is recommended that he eats superfoods or brain foods.

This is to help boost his brain growth, improve brain function, memory, and concentration so that he can excel in his academics and in life.

BRAND’S® AlphaMynd Essence of Chicken which is specially formulated for children 2 – 12 years old, is fortified with Vitamin B Complex to enhance your little one’s physical and mental development; and also premium grade Lycium (Gouqizi) that helps to improve your child’s eyesight.


5. Improves lactation

5 Amazing Ways How Essence Of Chicken Benefits You And Your Kids

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that mothers exclusively breastfeed their babies up to six months of age, and if possible, up to two years and beyond.

To help your body keep up with producing enough breast milk for your precious little one, nursing mums are encouraged to eat the right kinds of food which will increase milk production.

A clinical study which was done on 235 post-delivery mothers, showed that BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken helped to promote early milk secretion, increase milk production while still maintaining the good quality of the mother’s breast milk.

BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken also contains no fats, no cholesterol, has no added salt and no preservatives, so you can rest assured that this is a healthy food supplement for you and your whole family.


Do you and your family take Essence of Chicken? Tell us in the comments section below!

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